Indiana Jones’s whip? It costs 47 thousand dollars, 13 is enough for Lady Gaga’s broken nail. Star fragments put up for auction

Pharrell hat

Cleaning out your closet every season will help make room for what’s on trend. There are also those who resell them to try to get back some of the money they spent. It doesn’t work that way in Hollywood, and many stars, in order to get rid of everything unnecessary, decide to put items and clothes up for auction. Sometimes even unimaginable “things”. Not only. There are also those who accidentally find lost star items in their hands and decide to earn something by reselling them. Singer Pharrell recently sold the hat (pictured) he wore to the 2014 Grammy Awards for a whopping $44,100. Instagram @tyrese

Indiana Jones Whip

Indiana Jones is certainly one of Harrison Ford’s most famous films. The whip used by the actor in the film was sold for $47,000. However, it is unknown whether the actor himself or some member of the old film crew put it up for auction. Instagram @johnatanpushkar

Scarlett Johansson’s (used) handkerchief

There are also those who bought a used handkerchief that belonged to actress Scarlett Johannson. It sold on eBay for $5,300. Instagram @scarlettjohannsonworld

Justin Timberlake’s abandoned toast

After a radio interview in 2006, a piece of toast left in the studio by Justin Timberlake sold for $3,000. Instagram @justintimberlake

Lady Gaga’s Broken Nail

During a concert in 2012, Lady Gaga lost her false nail. A fan who noticed everything picked it up and put it up for sale on eBay for $13,000. Instagram @federicaspiras

Katy Perry trampoline

A trampoline used in the video for Katy Perry’s single “California Gurls” has sold for $5,000. Instagram @eolor

Shot with… Pamela Anderson

Some photographs taken during the International Champions of Jewish Values ​​Awards gala showing Pamela Anderson with fans are selling for $500 per photo. It is still not clear whether it was the star who put them up for auction. Instagram @pamelanderson

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