Indio Solari fired Martín Carrizo: “Funny and brave”

The Indio Solari and Martín Carrizo
The Indio Solari and Martín Carrizo

Carlos el Indio Solari used his social networks to fire his drummer and friend, Martin Carrizo, passed away this morning at age 50. Caramelito’s brother had been diagnosed five years ago with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a degenerative disease.

The former leader Patricio Rey Redonditos Ricotta posted on his Twitter a picture of him with his colleague and a text written in italics: “Don Martin went through this dimension with a determined spirit to be young forever. From there he helped me laugh more than my madness let me. By this I remember in the words loose on each toast. Funny and brave! That was Don Martín ”.

Indio Solari's message to Martín Carrizo (@Indio_Solari_ok)
Indio Solari’s message to Martín Carrizo (@Indio_Solari_ok)

In addition to playing in ANIMAL and with Gustavo Cerati, the brother of the child host worked with Solari, with whom he came to establish a deep friendship. On more than one occasion, the Indian defined it as “the best drummer in Argentina ” and as soon as the diagnosis was made public, he did not hesitate to join the campaign to help him, even in 2019 he gave a show to benefit Carrizo with his band The air conditioning fundamentalists, at the Islas Malvinas stadium.

When he opened his Instagram account, one of the first posts by Indio was a video in which he spoke about the situation of his colleague. “I’m speaking to ask everyone for a very big favor, especially at this time when the economy is not doing very well to see if we can give Martín Carrizo a little push,” said the singer.

“You must know him as the best drummer in Argentina, he has a colossal spirit, he is fighting a lot. But you have a very complex disease that needs to be treated abroad, it is very expensive. Either way I am grateful to those who have spread the direction that must be addressed to contribute and everyone can replicate this problem so that as many people as possible, I would appreciate very much understands something, “said the leader former Patricio Rey and Ricotta Redonditos at that time and asked: “Let’s see how we can all give a boost to power again live in peace, with dignity. I send everyone a great affection and I thank in advance those who can work with this. Thanks for everything”.

It should be remembered that Carrizo began working with Solari in 2007 as a sound engineer and drummer for the album. Porco Rex. A year later, the interpreter invited him to play at the closing of his tour at the La Plata Stadium. Later, he became a permanent member of the Indio Solari and the Fundamentalists of Air Conditioning and In 2017, he announced that due to illness he was not going to be part of the show that Indio Solari would give in Olavarría.

That recital, plus what Cecilia Carrizo raised in a campaign, served so that at the end of 2019 Martín could perform a treatment in Miami. But at the end of the first stage he returned to Argentina and could not do it again for economic reasons.

“For now I have no plans to build anything for that purpose. The truth is that my financial situation is very complicated, I do not have any income and obviously no savings. My mother Mirta is helping me with everything, including my three children, Benja lives with me and the two girls come every weekend. From time to time, some people continue to help me and deposit in my mother’s account number on their own initiative; and the truth is that, no matter how minimal, they help me a lot “, he had told Teleshow in December, in the last interview he gave.

Without knowing that it would be one of the last in public, in that talk he thanked his family and the public: “My three children: Benja, Milena and Miranda. They are three beauties that do not stop giving me strength and each one, in their own way, They ask me not to give up and keep fighting. Then my mother, my sister and my brother-in-law Damián are aware of my daily needs: food, medicine and everything I need at home. And my friends do not stop sending me their love even though I am so tired and I do not receive anyone, but it is very nice to know that they are there. I feel like I have an army of friends who gave me life and music, and they are there for me. You cannot imagine the emails full of love, strength and beautiful words that Indio constantly writes me ”.


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