INE orders Ricardo Salinas Pliego to stop violating Senator Citlalli Hernández

National Electoral Bodies Complaints and Complaints Commission (internal medicine) to the merchant to order Ricardo Salinas Priego Stop Posting Violent Messages Against Senators Citrali HernandezSince at least April 2021, he has had systematic defamatory attacks against him.

Secretary-General Morena also filed a complaint against the owners of Aztec Television and the Salinas Group on August 4th against gender-based political violence against women (VPMRG), which was addressed yesterday by INE consultants Analysis, said they decided on preventive protection in the form of businessmen to stop the attack.

Analysis of the case by election authorities found that the account “Don Ricardo Salinas Pliego (@RicardoBSalinas)” and other users made at least 95 publications that may constitute VPMRG between April 2021 and July 2023.

This led the technical arm of the INE electoral litigation to conclude that this was a systematic attack and a campaign to discredit Citrali Hernandez not because of her legislative work but because Her feminine status and physical characteristics.

For example, Salinas Pliego’s use of the letter c instead of s in the word “senator” implies the use of gender stereotypes, taunts and “disqualification of the complainant’s body, weight and height”.

By declaring preventive guardianship acceptable, the IRS ordered the businessman not to demonstrate in any way that might amount to gender-political violence against lawmakers and Morenstar leaders. He was also asked to delete tweets attacking the senator within 24 hours.

Counselor Claudia Zavala, Chair of the Complaints Committee, explained that the message directed at Citrali Hernandez broadcast by the owner of one of the most important television stations in the country constituted a symbolic and psychological violence, in which the images and comments used reinforce stereotypes. Insulting a woman because of her qualities as a woman.

“They were not questions about the quality of his work, they were personal insults,” he said.

The consultant cited the April 2020 Amendment of the Women’s Violence-Free Life Act to explain why, in this and other cases, INE must take strict precautions to deter assaults and protect women in political debates.

Article 20 of the Law defines VPMRG as: “Any action or omission, including tolerance, based on gender considerations and committed in the public or private sphere, which has the purpose or effect of limiting, abolishing or undermining the effective exercise by one or more women of their political and electoral rights”.

Regarding the application of the norm to an individual (in this case the businessman Salinas Pliego), the law states:

“It may take the form of any type of violence recognized by this Act and may be ambiguously expressed by state functionaries, superiors, colleagues, party leaders, activists, sympathizers, pre-candidates, pre-candidates, or candidates Implementation. Candidates nominated by a political party or its representatives; the media and its members, by an individual or group of persons“.

Hours before the case was analyzed by the Complaints Board, Salinas Pliego was in the your twitter accountwith a stereotype, insulting and calling her a “bower”.

As happened in such messages also observed by INE, followers of the businessman used his tweets to respond to dozens of messages insulting and defaming the image of Senator Morena.

In the evening, Citlalli Hernández made a broadcast on facebook Leave a comment and celebrate INE’s resolution. In his communication, he recalls that he also denounced Salinas Pliego before the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (Conapred).

Although Conapred had enacted measures to protect her, the Morenstad senator accused the businessman of ignoring the resolutions and instead fueling his attacks.

Hernandez commented that the businessman will certainly question the resolution, but he sees it as a step in the right direction and “a small victory.”

“If we don’t punish this kind of hate speech, if we don’t teach characters who believe they are omnipotent, they can’t vilify a person because of the color of their skin, their body, their weight, their height, their origin, their social class, these types of characters become the face of neo-fascism,” he warned.

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