Ines Reg always thinner: this new photo that charms the canvas


A few months after the start of her transformation, Ines Reg lost more than 16 kilos. This Monday, January 18, the comedian unveiled on Instagram, an impressive shot of her new silhouette …

Ines Reg continues her metamorphosis. Propelled into the limelight in August 2019, with a video in which she demanded “glitter” in her life, from her husband Kevin, the comedian is now on all fronts. If she appears on all the TV shows and she performs sold out, Ines Reg has even joined the merry troop of Enfoirés. A consecration for the pretty brunette still unknown two years ago!

This new daily at 100 per hour had a consequence on her physique: the pretty brunette lost a lot of weight. A few months ago, the 28-year-old comedian explained that she also made the decision to take care of her body, especially to stay healthy. ” I have changed my body and I really feel better” she said, revealing photos of her metamorphosis. So, if she weighed 76 kilos in June 2020, she managed to reach 60 kilos in November of the same year! Proud to have melted, Ines Reg enjoys revealing her new silhouette and has posed in a swimsuit or a dress.

A new surprising shot
This Monday, January 18, 2021, published a new photo in which she poses with her arms outstretched towards the sky like a ballet dancer, facing the lens of photographer Yannick Maillet. Enough to subjugate its subscribers who hailed its new look. “The blossoming suits you”, “Doll face”, “Superb this photo ” or ” You are so pretty in white ” can be read in the comments.

“Beyond even appearance,  I am no longer out of breath, tired for nothing , and above all I am no longer looking for a thousand techniques to feel comfortable in my clothes” was also congratulated Ines in her Instagram story.


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