Infections Covid-19 explode within the IMSS


At 41 days of which was confirmed the first case of coronavirus in Mexico and with more than 3 thousand cases at the national level, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) has reported 89 infections and five deaths per Covid-19 between its personnel in medical units located in the State of Mexico, Baja California Sur, Coahuila and Morelos.

Yesterday, the director general of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo Aburto, said that in the Hospital General Regional 72, in the State of Mexico, 20 workers acquired the virus, while the INS later corrected the figure to 19. In both, the representations in Morelos and Baja California Sur, confirmed the spread of staff by Covid-19.

Last march 31, the Social Security acknowledged that in the General Hospital of Zone number 7, Monclova, Coahuila, 22 health professionals had the virus.

Also, in various entities of the country workers have been accused of a lack of material for personal protection. In the General Hospital of Zone 32, of Villa Coapa, in Mexico City, staff of inhalations and emergency department reported that on march 20 he entered the area of emergency a patient with Covid-19, but not informed, so that when you give medical attention did not use personal protective equipment.

On the outbreak presented in the General Hospital of Zone number 7, of Monclova, Zoé Robledo detailed in the conference in the early morning of yesterday in the National Palace on march 14, a claimant of 42 years, presented symptoms, and so was admitted to the emergency room, was hospitalized six days, the time in which caught two doctors, a urgenciólogo and an anesthesiologist.

“They caught the doctor Walberto Reyes of the Cross, who died on the 31st of march. In total, tests were conducted to 26 employees suspected of contact, and 22 were positive,” he said.

On the 5th of April, the IMSS acknowledged four deaths most of its staff by Covid-19: this is a nurse who worked at the Hospital of The Race, and is transmitted to the private practice, as well as the infectóloga Elvia Lopez, retired, which is transmitted outside the facility.

Another death occurred at the General Hospital of Zone 1 of IMSS in Zacatecas, where a doctor was infected by a family member with a history of travel. Yesterday it was reported that Mario Trejo, assistant director in the administration of the same clinic, died after being infected with Covid-19.

In regards to the clinic 72, in Tlalnepantla, commented that the outbreak did not originate in the medical facilities. “There is a complete study, signed by the owner of the unit, Juan Manuel Lira, which concluded that the outbreak was not hospitable”.

The clinic 11 of Piedras Negras, Robledo indicated that was detected to a nurse with Covid-19, so that it is isolated to 31 health professionals who had contact with him.

Arise cases in Cuernavaca

In the Regional Hospital number 1 with headquarters in Cuernavaca, Morelos, coordinator of the IMSS in the state, Francisco Monsebáiz Salinas, confirmed that a doctor urgencióloga, a resident doctor and three nurses were positive to the test virus after caring for a patient with the Covid-19.

Monsebáiz Salinas said in a press conference that the patient infected was seen on the 23rd of march last, but the infection from the body doctor is due to that in that date, “still there was no operational definition of infection by Covid-19, for this reason the means of protection used by the physicians who attended the patient were not adequate to treat the sick of Codiv-19.

“Once that started with the operational definition of Covid-19, when it comes to a patient’s respiratory tract and is suspected of this process, caregivers have the protective equipment for the respective staff and personnel,” she said.

The state coordinator of the IMSS, said that 18 workers were in contact with the claimant is sick, and that group did a crawl epidemiological, but as they are reported asymptomatic not underwent the test of the Covid, only five symptomatic. These latter are in home isolation.

Separately, workers of the IMSS in Morelos, said that the hospital did not have face cloths enough surgical and only give them a mask, N95 to those who come to the area targeted for patients with Covid-19.

Outbreak in BCS

In turn, the General Hospital of Subzone with Family Medicine in Cabo San Lucas features from the 2 of April an outbreak of Covid-19, with 42 workers diagnosed positive.

The Office of Representation of the IMSS in Baja California Sur reported that it has identified the first two cases of suspected workers of this hospital with symptoms that met the operational definition for Covid-19, which were isolated and sent to their homes to avoid the transmission of the virus.

He said that also asked the Central Laboratory for Epidemiology (LCE) to expedite the results of the contacts and a reply was received on 2 April, the date on which it was notified of the outbreak at the Hospital in Cabo San Lucas.

“The Social Security reports that in the outbreak are diagnosed a total of 42 workers, including: medical staff, nursing, administrative, managerial and other categories, which have a stable clinical condition, without having sought none of them assisted ventilation. Found in isolation and surveillance-home”, reported the mexican social security institute.

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