Infinite, film de ciencia ficcin with Mark Wahlberg, is delayed to 2021


Continue to place the delays and changes in the timing of releases because of the effects of coronavirus. In this ocasin, has been Paramount Pictures the company in charge of announcing a new date: Infinite, film de ciencia ficcin starring Mark Wahlberg, was scheduled to debut this month of August in cinemas. However, getting to the big screen next May 28, 2021 coinciding with the weekend of the Gives of the Markets in the united States.

Infinite also gives you a jump on the calendar

This change of date cause Infinite you see the faces in the box office premieres with a Cruellathe film Disney picture starring Emma Stone in the role of the villain of the 101 Dlmatas. On the other hand, this postponement in its debut serving for the director, Antoine Fuqua, can devote more time to the tasks of edition.

The story focuses on the character played by Mark Wahlberg, a man who thinks you have mental problems. However, she soon discovers that his hallucinations are actually visions of a past life. About to commit suicide, our hero is rescued by a group called Infinite: people who unlocked the memories of their past lives, and aims to thwart the plans of an evil Infinitethat threatens humanity.

The hallucinations of the protagonist are, in reality, visions of past lives

In the distribution of Infinite we find also to Chiwetel Ejiofor next to Sophie Cookson, Dylan O’brien, Rupert Friend, Wallis Day and Toby Jones. Antoine Fuqua sits in the director’s chair with a script written by John Lee Hancock, and Ian Shorr. The story est based on the novel The Reincarnationist Paperswritten by D. Eric Maikranz.

“For us, a little bit of extra time is a good thing, if you manage it correctly”, express the main producer of the film, Lorenzo di Bonaventurain an interview granted to Deadline. “Antoine and I got engaged to maintain contact with each other, and act as if estuviramos keeping the same release dateto keep the passion and intensity.” The film has been shot in different parts of the world, moving their action to places such as London, New York, Scotland, Thailand, City of Mexico, Nepal, Wales and the Alps; the production finished on the eve of Christmas.

We remind you that Infinite debut in cinemas the next May 28, 2021.

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