Influencer wants to eat for free, orders pizza from Porzio and publishes stories: then the bill arrives and cancels everything | “Tell me it’s a joke”

You just need to follow SocialAlso 15-20 thousand subscribersdo some Photopublish two three stories mark the intended beneficiary and then claim or rather take for grantedthat at the end of lunch or dinner you will not have to pay the bill. These are social networking phenomena influencers who live with their mobile phones as an extension of their body. Who are always alive, always ready to share everything they do, because “My fans want to know.”

However, it happens that we do not always have to take everything for granted. Sooner or later the bill (to be paid) does arrive. An influencer who has been sitting at a table in a pizzeria in recent days knows this well. Errico Porzio by the sea Naples. He ordered a pizza, took photos and posted content on social media while eating, and then when the waiter came over with the receipt to pay. the woman got nervous and deleted everything, explaining that she would not sponsor companies for free and would only give positive reviews for a fee.

The Neapolitan pizza master himself reported the incident and commented on social networks: “Given that I was not present, that I did not invite her and did not even know who she was, but I seem to understand that it was a pseudo-influential person who dined in our pizzerias by the sea. Happy and satisfied with the service and he wrote stories about pizza on Instagram, but then deleted them after confronting her with the bill. Tell me it’s a joke“.

In a social media post, the influencer, who remains anonymous at this time, explained her modus operandi as follows: “Hey guys, thanks again for the personalized pizza, for the photos and most of all for the needle and cotton wool. I find myself having to delete videos and photos from my stories because, as you can imagine, that’s work for me. I do not sponsor companies for free; at most I exchange goods/services. Therefore, I am positive about a company or product that will be sponsored in exchange for the service or product itself being offered for FREE. I appreciate your warm welcome, however, in short, you will understand that work is work! I intended to organize a mutual collaboration, but since this did not happen, I had to remove the content. Goodbye, we’ll see you again.” However, as it turned out, the influential man did not agree on anything with Porzio.

The other day, Porzio himself announced the opening of a new pizzeria, the tenth in his group (in addition to the 12 Porzio points of sale, the pizza I cut). “We’ll get to about 560 people work with the Porzio group. How should I feel? I started with 25 m², what a wonderful life story,” he commented.

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