Influencer Who Turned Down Ben Affleck on Dating App Teaches Quizzes on Tiktok

Ben Affleck.

The young Nivine Jay rejected the famous actor after he thought it was a fake profile, however, he sent her a video that proved the opposite

Last week we shared the story of a waitress who did not recognize Adam Sandler in an IHOP and her anecdote went viral on  TikTok, now it is the turn to talk about another famous actor who has also starred in a viral video on the application. It’s about  Ben Affleck who was spotted by a tiktoker.

The influencer  Nivine Jay shared with her more than 47.5 thousand followers the story of when she met the 48-year-old actor on the dating app called “Raya” (which we’ve already told you about on another occasion ). The image of the actor made him think that it was someone fake, so he preferred to repent and eliminate the coincidence, what was not expected was that the actor would send him a video to verify his identity.

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“Thinking about the time I made a” match “with Ben Affleck in Raya and I thought it was a false profile so I deleted the” match “and he sent me a video,” the TikTok video reads. After the message, a short but very curious video of the actor appears in which he appears with a red shirt: “Nivine, why did you eliminate me? It’s me ”.

The clip of a few seconds has more than 1.2 million likes on TikTok and in the comments, people were impressed to see the actor, they also pointed out that his reaction was very special.

The influencer has more than 40,000 followers on her Instagram account and runs the “Swipe Left” podcast. According to information from  IMDb, in 2008 she published her first book  Crybaby in which she talks about the breakup of a young woman with her boyfriend, she is also a  model and actress.


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The application “Raya” is considered “the famous Tinder” because unlike other platforms in this one you need a membership and comply with a  rigorous verification process to start looking for “matches”.

Currently, there has been much talk about Ben Affleck’s love life because after finishing with Ana de Armas it has been speculated that he could return with JLo.