Influenza and COVID vaccination campaign starts in Cantabria: calendar, booking options and news

Cantabrian health services will start next Vaccination event on October 1 Joining forces to fight influenza and COVID-19. Vaccinations will be administered by appointment at primary care health centres.

Vaccination date

Starting October 15thVaccination will continue for the remaining groups, especially the elderly, those aged 60 or above, people of any age with risk conditions, pregnant women in any trimester of pregnancy, as well as health and social health workers and health sector essential public services , following the recommendations developed by the Interregional Commission on National Health Systems (CISNS).

News about the vaccination campaign in Cantabria

vaccination campaignthere will be news:

  • Cantabria will receive vaccinations for the first time Children 6 to 59 months old Influenza and infant respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) immunizations will begin.

How to request a vaccination appointment

People who meet vaccination criteria You can make an appointment with your reference nurse Get vaccinated by:

  • SCS website.
  • SCS Mobile App.
  • Contact the health center by phone.
  • Visit Admissions Services in person.

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