Information session on careers in medicine at UNRN-Bariloche

Germán Guaresti, Director of Medical Career Invitations and Careers, Mariela Bellotti, Career Admissions Coordinator, and the Admissions Team and Department of Permanence at the National University of Rio Negro (UNRN) present an informative lecture open to the community. UNRN Andean Headquarters. The presentation will be held on Saturday, September 9 at 10:00 am in the Anasagasti 1463 building in Bariloche.

The lecture will introduce information such as registration time and process, career direction, admission course form and registration requirements.

Registration for the competition will be open from September 1st to October 15th. The pre-registration process is entirely virtual. Once this period is over, the admissions process will begin.

The required introductory course for the career will begin online this October and will continue to be taught offline in February 2024. Students in their final year of high school will be able to start their studies in October.

This occupation is designed to develop medical professionals focused on primary health care who can provide comprehensive home and community medical services; provide timely, reliable and effective care in home and social settings; work with community organizations to improve their health; Develop actions to promote health and self-care in urban, peri-urban and/or rural areas to achieve healthy living conditions in a more equitable society.

about career

Title: Physician

Duration: 6 years

The course is designed for general medical and medical professionals capable of providing comprehensive medical care through a single family and community approach; delivering care in a timely, reliable and effective manner in family and social settings; working with community organizations to improve their health; developing action , to promote health and self-care in urban, inaccessible, peri-urban and/or rural areas in order to achieve healthy living conditions in a fairer society, free of any form of exclusion:

– Acquiring the skills and competencies required for medical practice through a reflective and critical process through training that incorporates intellectual cultural values ​​to recognize the body in its multiple dimensions (physical, psychological, social and political) and to strengthen understanding of the bodies of others empathy perception.

– Develop lived experiences in a variety of contexts, form research and working groups, create new connections and communication technologies with people, health system users, their families and communities, and strengthen awareness in the face of conflicts related to life, death and disability; ability.

– Be able to develop knowledge from reflection on individual or group practice and incorporate different perspectives, respecting and accommodating diversity of knowledge and worldview in practice.

-He understands words, why people suffer and suffer, and is able to collaborate so that each person builds their own path to health and healing.

– Ability to work in different settings in the health field, including peri-urban, rural or inaccessible areas, able to address the health problems of the above populations and communicate effectively and efficiently with more technically sophisticated medical centers.

– Training of general medical professionals who integrate into their work the principles of humanistic ethics and an intercultural perspective, with dedication and social responsibility.

title range

– Carry out professional activities involving diagnosis, treatment and follow-up in inaccessible or peri-urban areas – Interact with the community, establishing links with other knowledge and valid recognition of other cultures.

– Collaborate with others with shared goals of care.

– Make decisions based on the best available evidence and the most precise ethical principles.

Within these limits, and in accordance with Annex XXIV of Ministerial Resolution No. 1254/2018, persons holding the title of Doctor will have the right to engage in the following reserved activities that pose a direct risk to health: security, rights, property or education of the population.

  1. Develop, perform and evaluate any diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic procedure relevant to the human health of individuals and populations.
  2. Plans and prescribes within the framework of its professional performance actions aimed at promoting human health and preventing disease in individuals and populations.

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See CONEAU resolution


Find out about the UNRN Scholarship Program and if you have any questions, please request information and advice from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enroll in 2023

You must be registered to start studying in 2024. The registration process is 100% virtual. It opens on September 1st and you have until October 15th, 2023 to complete it.

Course Introduction to University Life – IVU – Compulsory Virtual Event Course Dates: From the date of pre-registration until February 9, 2024.

College Prep – CPU – Compulsory activities for virtual courses. The CPU will force activity. Dates: October 17, 2023 to December 15, 2023.

Introduction to the Medical Vocational Course – Subject Module. Compulsory activities for the comprehensive final exam must be completed in person. Dates: February 1, 2024 to February 27, 2024.

Multiple Mini-Interviews – MEM – Mandatory Face-to-face Event Dates: 28 February 2024 to 2 March 2024 (single day to be determined).


Provided files:

– Until October 15, 2023

1) Copy of ID card

2) Photo ID

3) Ordinary student or secondary and/or analytical title certificate, or title certificate in process or proof of no outstanding subjects.

– until February 16, 2024

1) Secondary and/or analytical title, or ongoing title certificate (in lieu of regular student certificate).

2) Proof of vaccination. Mandatory vaccines: Hepatitis B vaccine, Tetanus vaccine and 2 COVID-19 vaccines.

– until March 31, 2024

– Complete and submit a medical file (students entering their first year of degree only)

2023 Medical Entrance Exam.Phase, content, bibliography


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