Ingrid Chauvin: Her ex Thierry Peythieu publishes a photo in good company that makes people talk!


The director posed with a mysterious queen on social networks.

The beginning of the year is always marked by the tasting of the galette des rois which celebrates the epiphany.

Thierry Peythieu ate his as he indicated on Instagram . In story, the director unveiled a photo on which he poses with a woman. The duo, accomplice, appears with respectively a crown on the head. To prevent the canvas from igniting, he took care to mention this in the caption: “We don’t get carried away … It’s my script … And yes, she designated me as her prince. .. “ , he wrote in the caption. “Queen for a day, queen always.” The one who is part of “her team” and “her heroes” works on the television series Tomorrow belongs to us and Here Everything begins broadcast on TF1 . Anyway, the cliché will talk …

As a reminder, Tom’s father has separated from Ingrid Chauvin. The reasons for this rupture are still unclear. “She draws her strength from the unconditional love she has for her little boy, but it’s very hard, a person close to the actress had revealed to Closer.” She would never have imagined going through what she was doing. currently lives. The model couple she formed with Thierry was no more than a facade. Deep down, she already knew … she just had to find the strength and the courage to leave “.

What good news !

While the Sunday Journal published the annual ranking of the favorite personalities of the French, Ingrid Chauvin expressed her joy. Indeed, it is classified in seventeenth position. “Simply thank you … your loyalty for so many years is just incredible and most touching. Your heart is immense, your messages every day fill me with sweetness”, she declared to her community. “Without you, we artists do not exist, so thank you for allowing me to continue to do this passionate profession which brings me so much”.