Innocent picture of Hillary Duff sparked debate in networks: at what age should put rings to the children? | Life


Actress Hillary Duff is in the midst of a controversy after posting an innocent photo on Instagram with his daughter Banks of eight months.

In the black and white image of the artist appears smiling with her baby in her arms, however, his followers centred their attention on something else. Several noted that the girl was wearing earrings, which unleashed the fury of many.

In fact, some netizens even claimed that Duff of 31 years, was a “bad mother” by submitting to the girl a pain as well. “I can’t understand why you think that it is okay to pierce the ears of your daughter”, he wrote one of his fans, while others threatened to leave to follow it.

But Duff is not the only one that has faced this controversy. Something similar happened with Kylie Jenner, and his daughter, Stormi; and in Chile, with Gala Caldirola and the little Elif.

But when is it really a good time to pierce your ears?

Although the decision is up to each parent, the American Academy of Pediatrics, suggests not to subject children to alternative procedures, such as piercings cosmetics, until children are enough adults to take care of their own health.

“There is not a specific age (recommended for the piercing of the ears) while you are carried out with care and take care of consciously”, he said to New York Post, Corey Wasserman, pediatrician, Weill Cornell Medicine, and New York-Presbyterian.

The medical, however, also warned that there are some risks to the health of the baby, especially if you are trafficking of infants less than 90 days, whose immune system is not yet fully developed.

“The infection in the childhood is the number one concern (of the medical). Every time a healthy baby [de menos de 3 meses] contracted some type of infection usually requires hospitalization and antibiotics for 48 hours,” he added.

In fact, according to a study from the Johns Hopkins Hospital, 24% of the perforations of the ears end up with some type of infection.

But the infection is not the only risk, according to the website, then there is also the possibility that they appear allergic reactions to the metal or materials used during the procedure, as well as the formation of scars.

But if the parents want to continue with the procedure anyway, then they must take all necessary measures and precautions. According to Wasserman should “make sure to take care of (drilling) properly with alcohol and antibiotic ointment. And turn (the rings) gently every day.”

Although also always recommended to consult with a pediatrician.