Inox Team Saronno also beat Rivas Madrid

This is a very important success for classification.

Inox Saronno Softball won a convincing 8:3 victory over Rivas Madrid in the first leg of the round robin, the second leg of the Champions Cup – Premier Cup, which kicked off today in Saronno and Legnano. This is a very important success for the standings, as it allows Saronno to score 2 wins and 1 loss, given the delicate double match on Friday 25 August against Jurds Praha at 9.30 and Olympia Haarlem at 20.


The match against Rivas Madrid, which defeated the Bonn Capitals in the morning, did not start well for the Inox team. In fact, the Iberians immediately sealed the score in the first inning with Diaz’s strike against Lexie Handley. However, the Inox team immediately canceled the result in the second inning thanks to Bartoli’s two-run double and Marrone’s follow-up single. In the next second half, the girls, coached by manager Manson, created a decisive niche in the match, scoring 4 points, and Valeria Bettinsoli was able to hit a two-point home run. At 7–1, Saronno extended the lead to 8–1 in the fourth inning before Rivas’ last two goals came in in the later rounds.


“Despite the initial downside, we immediately canceled the result by playing good softball,” commented Anita Bartoli, one of the main culprits behind the success of the Inox team. “I am happy with my game, as well as the game of the team. Tomorrow we are waiting for two more difficult tests. We will do our best to achieve our goal.”

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