INS offers $90,000 in compensation for accidents and problems at airports while on vacation

The five used travel insurance with the assistance of the National Insurance Institute (INS) during their half-year holiday and were awarded a total of $91,178.

Major concerns reported by insureds included flight delays, lost luggage, accidents such as broken bones and sprains, and acute illnesses such as colitis and gastroenteritis.

Some of the countries that have initiated these policies include the United States, Colombia and Mexico.

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Of the total number of Ticos who traveled abroad in July, nearly 11,000 purchased travel insurance through INS.

“Purchasing insurance is always synonymous with protection or safety, and no one wants to have an accident, get sick or miss a flight while traveling, but if that happens, it’s best to have a policy that we can activate immediately to keep us safe,” said Mo Mónica Araya recalls: “In difficult times, it is difficult to have peace of mind. ”

Travel insurance covers medical expenses resulting from accidents, acute illnesses or medical emergencies, additional expenses (e.g. accommodation and local transport for companions of the insured person, air travel expenses for companions or repatriation of remains). Arrival in Costa Rica, lost luggage, travel delays etc.

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It is available to those traveling as tourists, executives or students with a maximum purchase period of 180 days.

People who plan to travel in the next few days or months can purchase this insurance on the website, at offices, intermediaries or at Juan Santamaría Airport.

They can also request a personalized call so an advisor can help them make a purchase over the phone.


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