Insabi looking for doctors and specialists to address the pandemic of coronavirus in Mexico


Mexico.- The Institute of Health Welfare (Insabi), has launched a call to recruit doctors and professionals of various specialties to meet the health emergency that exists in the country for the coronavirus.

During the press conference that the Secretariat of Health held yesterday to inform the population the progress of the pandemic at the national level and worldthe coordinator of the Insabi, Alejandro Svrach Pérez, presented the details of this call.

The areas that require doctors and specialists are:

  • Intensive therapy
  • Emergency
  • Internal medicine
  • Pulmonology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Anesthesiology

Also, is the need for nurses and nurse specialists in intensive therapy and inhalations.

Those interested can register at .

Svrach Perez explained at the press conference that since the call has been recruited to 6 thousand 249 general practitioners, 438 medical specialists, 8 thousand 900 nurses with a bachelor’s degree, 6 thousand nurses, technicians, and 84 nurses.

Noted that have already been sent around 321 medical specialists to different states and institutes.

He mentioned that the deficit of human resources is not only in the Insabi, as it also exists in all health institutions of the country.

From the contingency of the Covid-19 we add up all the recruitment efforts that had already begun (…) our goal at this time is that every patient requires specialized care have the coverage of a health care team,” he said.

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