Inside the Quaint Tommy Hilfiger-Themed Mansion in Golden Beach, Florida

Tommy Hilfiger has an incredible mansion in Florida.

The tycoon not only has a great taste for fashion but also for properties and this is demonstrated with the incredible house that he is about to sell for $ 28 million.

The renowned fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, 70, has become in recent months a great negotiator in the real estate world, having sold his mansions at the right price he wanted, contrary to what happened with other millionaires, who have been forced to sacrifice their financial gains to get rid of their properties.

First, in November 2020, he sold the castle he had in Connecticut for $ 47.5 million, and now he is about to close the sale of the beautiful house he owns in Golden Beach, Florida, and that he launched for sale, in 2017, for $ 27.5 million dollars.

According to the portal The Real Deal, which was the media that announced the operation, the fashion mogul would receive, in the coming days, about $ 28 million for his residence, as there are still some details to finalize the closure of the negotiations, although everything would seem to indicate that it is going well.

The new owner, in case the sale does not fall, will be Grant Cardone, a recognized investor in the world of real estate.

The property in question was built in 2007 and in 2013 it passed into the hands of the designer and his wife, Dee Ocleppo, after disbursing $ 17,250,000, so their profit, in just eight years, will be close to $ 11. million dollars.

The increase in its price was due, to a great extent, to the drastic transformation that they made to the interior spaces since it now has themed and very picturesque rooms.

The interior decoration was carried out by the famous interior designer Martin Lawrence, considered as ‘the decorator of the stars’.

The 14,075-square-foot mansion has six bedrooms, 7.5 baths, foyer, kitchen, breakfast room, dining room, living room, great room, TV room, movie theater, office, gym, game room, bar, living room massage, elevator, among other rooms.

Outside it has green areas, with a swimming pool with its respective spa area, with a jacuzzi, a guest house, and access to the beach.

From various corners of the property, there are spectacular and relaxing views of the Caribbean Sea, which adds a bonus to the still home of the Hilfiger.

The house is surrounded by tall, lush trees, making it virtually impossible to see inside from the street, thus giving its residents great privacy.