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Insider: IO Interactive’s Ambitious Project Dragon Xbox Exclusive Will Be A Game With Years Of Support

In late April, Jez Corden of Windows Central announced the development of a fantasy dragon game for Xbox Game Studios by IO Interactive. Later, the journalist clarified that we are talking about a large RPG AAA-class with an ambitious interconnected world in the setting of a fantasy Middle Ages. This is a new IP in the spirit of Destiny and World of Warcraft, in which multiplayer will be implemented using dedicated servers.

The mention of WoW implies that the game is planned to be developed through the constant release of new content and updates for a long time, like an MMO. According to Corden’s latest XboxEra podcast comment, Project Dragon is being built with at least ten years of support in mind.

Earlier this year, IO Interactive announced the opening of a new office in Barcelona, ​​presumably set up to develop Project Dragon apart from other teams in Copenhagen and Malmö working on Hitman and Project 007.

Project Dragon is not expected to release until 2023-2024

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