Insparya, the hairdressing group co-founded by Cristiano Ronaldo, offers consulting services in Alicante

Alicante.he Inspia Group, co-founded by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, was in Alicante for a day.then next Tuesday, September 12Beginning at 11:00 am, part of the Insparya medical team will arrive in the city to conduct capillary assessments of the attendees.With this initiative, the organization hopes to bring its services and treatments closer to other cities such as Alicante, where there are still no clinics.

Through this action, Insparya’s doctors will conduct a comprehensive capillary assessment of all those concerned about their capillary health, with the aim of finding the most suitable solution for each case. To attend, an appointment must be made through the website ( or by calling 900 696 020.

Choosing the best clinic for your hair transplant, and the best professionals who accompany you throughout the process are the keys to getting better, natural hair transplant results. As technology advances, techniques such as hair transplants are becoming more widespread, so it is important to choose clinics and professionals who are the most up-to-date and trained in the field of dermal hair.

10 things to watch out for

Insparya Group would like to highlight the ten most important aspects to be aware of when performing hair surgery:

  1. 1. Qualified team

Having a team of professional doctors with extensive experience in hair surgery is one of the key points in performing this procedure. “So, at Insparya we have a medical team specialized in hair transplantation with exclusive training. Insparia Law, a unique approach based on Insparya’s own technology and technology, endorsed by the world’s most prestigious medical and research companies. ” Carlos Portinha.

  1. 2. Quality certification

In a hairdressing practice, obtaining this accreditation is important as it assures quality standards, promotes patient safety, ensures staff competence, encourages continuous improvement, and provides confidence and peace of mind to patients. As Carlos Portinha explains, “At Insparya, we are the only hairdressing group with ISO 9001 quality certification, always fulfilling our commitment to dedicate the best resources to our patients.”

  1. 3. Facilities

Currently, Insparya Group has 10 clinics in Portugal, Spain and Italy. All are equipped for maximum comfort for patient and companion and feature the latest hair transplant technology BotHair® UltraPlus. This is a unique program that creates an innovative and disruptive device for more precise follicular unit extraction in fewer steps without damaging the donor area.

  1. 4. Experience

It is crucial to find a clinic with an experienced and qualified hair restoration medical team and a track record of success, such as Insparya, a leader in hair health with over 14 years of experience and over 50,000 patients.

  1. 5. Hair transplant professional

Dr. Carlos Porthina confirms, “By choosing a professional clinic like Insparya, you can have more confidence in getting quality hair care tailored to your needs, as we are the only hair care group dedicated exclusively to diagnosis, treatment, hair care. Health research.

  1. 6. Read reviews and testimonials

Another key point is to look for real cases and testimonials from patients who have had surgery. “For Insparya, more than 50,000 patients have already regained their hair and confidence through hair transplantation. Their results are our best reference”, adds Carlos Portinha.

  1. 7. Innovative technology in the process of hair transplantation

Insparya has revolutionized the field of hair transplantation by providing patients with the most innovative technology in the world. The aforementioned BotHair® UltraPlus is Insparya’s own new technology, a disruptive innovative device that allows for more precise extraction, preservation and implantation of follicular units. In this way, manipulation of the follicular unit can be avoided, resulting in more precise and natural results.

  1. 8. Follow-up and postoperative care

It is crucial to receive proper care after a hair transplant to ensure a successful recovery. The Insparya Group therefore not only accompanies patients on the day of surgery, but also conducts individualized postoperative follow-up.

  1. 9. Tailor-made financing

Don’t be fooled by price alone, as choosing a quality clinic is crucial to achieving desired results and a satisfying experience. Therefore, Insparya offers a financing process tailored to each patient.

  1. 10. Trust

Insparya Group has earned the trust of patients and its co-founders, Paul Ramos and Cristiano RonaldoIn this regard, it is important to provide solutions for patients suffering from hair loss, a condition that brings many emotional problems. “With our technology and the training of our team, we can guarantee the implantation of the maximum number of follicular units in a faster intervention and within a maximum of six hours”, concludes Dr. Carlos Portinha.

ultimately rely on Insparia Law, the group is at the forefront of the field of hair transplantation. Therefore, if results are important to clients, at Insparya Clinic they will receive the best assistance from the first consultation to the last process review.

For those interested in getting a free hair estimate, they can WhatsApp through, fill out the form on their website or call 900 696 020 to book a quick appointment without waiting.

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