Inspirational Message The Nike Handling The Outbreak Covid-19

219 – However, as soon as the outbreak Covid-19 force, to collect all the activities, is closed to many people or in a public place. Fitness center, sports area, as well as sports competitions in the world.

Manufacturer of sports equipment Nike was the dissemination of a positive message for his fans.

The message is: stay in the house. When we dreamt of playing for millions of people around the world, now is our chance. Play inside, play for the world.”

This is the message Nike are office-based in Beaverton, in uploads on your social media channels with the logo of the Swoosh a different.

The crisis of the corona virus is forced to reconsider every brand your marketing campaigns, because the image of the travel influencer and E-Mail “Fresh spring Look” is not suitable for the current customer.

“More suitable for the brand “create, to the good intentions and hand-in-hand with the consumer” in the midst of the crisis,” said Marc Beckman, CEO and founder of the advertising Agency DMA United, said Footwear News.

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In addition to calling on people to stay at home, Nike has made a financial commitment in the last week with more than 15 million US dollars, or approximately Rp. 251,2 billion to combat the virus corona.

Phil Knight (founder and chairman emeritus of Nike), Mark Parker (former CEO and executive chairman of the board of Nike) and John Donahoe (President and CEO of the new Nike) accounted for 10 million US dollars (Rp. 167 billion euros) in the three organizations.

They promised 1 million dollars for the Oregon Food Bank, $ 2 million to the Oregon Community Recovery Fund and $ 7 million to the Oregon Health and Science University.

The Nike Foundation donates $ 1 million to COVID-19 solidarity Response Fund of 1.1 million US dollars (Rp. 18 billion Euro) to support the partner community in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by the king Baudouin Foundation.

The donation of the Nike amounted to $ 1.4 million (due to the China Youth Development Fund” to help the in January, the health of the workers, equipment and supplies to care for patients.

Nike still accept orders via online, even if the brand for a while closed the entire shop in the USA, Canada, Australia, new Zealand and Western Europe.

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