Inspirational quotes: Michael Jordan, Helen Keller, etc.

Read inspirational quotes about pursuing high performance, not giving up, and relying on your skills.


Michael Jordan on excellence

Set such a high standard for yourself that you have to go out and meet that standard every day.
Michael Jordan, basketball legend

Helen Keller on perseverance

As long as we persist long enough, we can do anything we want.
Helen Keller, author

Condoleezza Rice on self-reliance

Asking why someone else got more is a dangerous thing. It’s humbling—and actually healthy—to ask why you’ve been given so much.
Condoleezza Rice, predecessorSecretary of State

Dwight D. Eisenhower on Motives

You can’t lead by hitting people over the head – that’s aggression, not leadership.
Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States

Isaac Newton on Observation

If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it is more due to patient attention than to any other talent.
Sir Isaac Newton, the scientist

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Inspiring quotes from leaders in business, finance, the arts, and other fields can give you the motivation you need to achieve more. A single word from a great leader can inspire you to see a problem in a new way. You might just need a little inspiration to view obstacles as temporary challenges that you just need to overcome. Investors Business Daily knows the power of inspiration. We find the best inspirational quotes and bring them to you every week. You’ll discover how the innovative thinking of successful people can help you do your job in new ways.

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