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Actress Kiernan Shipka, of 19 years, has several reasons to celebrate, as for example the premiere of the second season of his series ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ (‘The hidden World of Sabrina’), in addition to the start of the recordings for the third installment and their respective award nomination MTV Movie & TV Awards 2019 in the category Best performance in a TV series for his role as Sabrina Spellmanin the series of Netflix.

Kiernan Shipka

As A result, the remembered Sally Draper of the successful series “Mad Men” of AMC, shared it with her 4.7 million followers on Instagram four stories –posted on Saturday, June 22 – making twerking wall, along with a group of friends in a private party.

Kiernan Shipka –who initially recorded at their friends – goes on to do the dance to support your feet on the wall. However, when you try to end it loses the balance and falls, knocking another girl standing next to her.

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Who kisses better: Gavin Leatherwood or Ross Lynch?

During the delivery of the MTV Movie and TV Awards 2019 –made the 17 of June – the protagonists of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, and Gavin Leatherwood went up to the stage to deliver one of the awards, a moment that was used by the actress to reveal which of his co-protagonists and kissed him better.

Kiernan Shipka

“Very well, boys, just go down the lines and give the people what they want to know,” said Gavin, who plays Nicholas Scratch. “Kiernan, you’ve kissed Ross on the program. I’ve kissed you in the program. Who is the best kisser?”.

“I don’t think that is a fair thing to respond to millions of people,” said the actress as she watched her two co-stars, to finally say:

“Guys, it’s just, listen to me. Simply it would not be fair to Ross … We all know what that is a great kisser,” said the actress while she was smiling to Ross Lynchthe Harvey Kinkle of the series.

Your favorite #CHAOS love triangle @kiernanshipka, @RossLynch, & @gtleatherwood presented Best Kiss at the #MTVAwards and Gavin asked the question we all really wanna know… 👀💋

Find out who wins Monday at 9p on @MTV 😘

— Movie & TV Awards (@MTVAwards) June 17, 2019

Who is Kiernan Shipka?

Let us recall that the young actress is in charge of interpreting to the young teenage witch Netflix. Before being the main protagonist of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the remake of the popular Streaming platform, was known for playing the role of Sally Draper, daughter of Don and Betty Draper, in the hit series Mad men. In 2015, she starred in the comedy separate juvenile Fan Girl.

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