Instagram added Direct Messaging on Windows 10


EXACTLY.CO., If you have Instagram on your Windows 10 PC, you can see the change when you open the application.

Instagram has been updating the Windows software called Web-application-progressive (PWA). That is, you interact effectively with your Website Instagram, which makes it feel like a native App.

The new version, at least you can send and receive direct messages, which is something that is far in excess of the Web client Instagram.

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Citing Engadget, the new App also has a better performance than the predecessor on ARM-based devices like the Surface Pro X.

But in the end, the experience of Windows 10-to the Web application progressive is probably more advantages for the users of Instagram.

In recent years, the company was letting its Windows App languish, with the updates, which rarely or almost not at all.

Now, as the PWA, the update function should be on a clip, the more frequent and stable. This is because Instagram would be easier for mem-porting changes to the Web client, a version of Windows 10.