Instagram Created a special mark of false information about COVID-19


RADARMALANGID – can access many information in various social networks such as Instagram. This time, topics, sought after by global community is the plague of the COVID-19.

But social media is not a news portal, and has the guard button, and the information filtering to be confused about the Corona virus. Therefore, media competence is essential for social media users.

To help to avoid the global community misinformation about the corona virus, Instagram, run the following steps, as quoted from The Verge, (15/3):

1. Instagram remove a variety of misinformation associated COVID-19.
2. When the user taps on the associated tags COVID-19, Instagram redirects the user the search of information in connection with COVID-19 in the source-trusted sources like @WHO @CDC, health and local authorities.trusted
3. Instagram works together with partners to examine a fact checker of a third party, the wrong information and the marking information, the wrong label to the wrong information.
4. Blocking the hashtag used to spread misinformation COVID-19 is connected.
5. Block various ads that try to exploit the situation.
6. If a user show is for the information in connection with COVID-19, Instagram, account-health-organization trusted connect at the top of the search the user with trusted sources.

Gradually, in some countries, Instagram the display of the current information COVID-19 began to be derived by the WHO and the health Ministry of the local at the top of the feed. This will make it easier for you to get accurate information quickly.

New stickers as a token of appreciation for the medical team and health

In addition to measures for the control of false information in relation to the Corona-virus, Instagram will also appreciate the introduction of a new label to fight the medical workers and the health to treat, care for and help people to avoid the infection of the Corona virus. These stickers will soon be in the sticker gallery of Instagram.

To eliminate as additional information, Instagram, also, the impact of AR in connection COVID-19, except AR-effect is caused by the partnership with the world health organization reliable. This is also part of the attempts Instagram hook up with health-related information COVID-19 are reliable.

Author: Elsa Yuni Kartika
Photo: TechCrunch, Interesting Engineering
Publisher: Fia