Instagram creates infinite feed with ‘suggested posts’

Image: Pexels

A new content suggestion feature is being launched today (19) by Instagram. It will give the user an option to continue on the platform when they reach the end of their feed, checking posts from accounts that are not part of their contact list.

Until now, the feed was based only on the preferences of the profile owner and the accounts he followed. But with the suggested posts function, that will change. The proposal seems to be to keep the user in the photo app as long as possible, leaving aside the tool to avoid excessive use of the social network, launched two years ago – among other things, it warns you when you are up to date updates from your friends.

According to Instagram product director Robby Stein, the novelty is an answer for people who want to see more posts when they reach the end of their feed, but don’t know what topics to look for. It resembles the algorithm used in TikTok, with users receiving suggested content on an ongoing basis.

“We see people continuing to look for more posts they’re interested in after following their feeds, so we wanted to learn from that and make it easier to go a little deeper for those who choose to do so,” he told TechCrunch.

Ads will also appear

The new post suggestions will also be a space that can be used by advertisers on the platform, for the promotion of their products to a huge base of potential buyers.

Is that the tool will include the display of ads in the middle of the recommended content of accounts not followed by the user, which Instagram believes he can like, different from the method used in the suggestions on the Explore tab.

The feature will be launched globally and is expected to reach all users of the social network soon.