Instagram gets new music and collaboration features

Instagram has introduced new features that let you add music to carousels, view lyrics on Reels, invite friends as collaborators, and listen to the most popular songs on Spotify.

Instagram gets new music and collaboration features

Instagram introduced a number of innovations designed to make its platform richer and more interesting for users. Among them is the possibility of adding music to posts with multiple photos, called carousels.

This feature was launched in collaboration with singer Olivia Rodrigo, who used the feature to promote her song “Bad Idea, Really?”. Users can select a song from those available in the Instagram music library and play it while browsing. images. This feature is similar to what TikTok offers with Photo Mode, which lets you create musical slideshows with photos from your phone.

Now you can add a song to set the mood and bring the carousel to life.“, Instagram wrote on his blog. Another interesting update: “Collaborations on Instagram“, which allows you to invite up to three friends as collaborators posts, carousels or videos. This feature, according to Instagram, can be very useful for influencers who can benefit from mutual visibility. The content will be visible to each member’s followers and will appear on each member’s profile.

Also on Instagram improved work of sticker “Add your own”. When a creator uses this feature on a reel, subscribers can participate in response content, and the creator has the ability to highlight their favorite responses, making them visible to all of their subscribers. This feature can increase user interaction and engagement. usersespecially with famous people like celebrities. Last but not least, Instagram is expanding its music library. While no exact details have been announced yet, the platform is already announced a partnership with Spotify in Mexico and Brazilwhere the 50 most popular songs from Instagram Reels will make it to the playlist on Spotify.

But that is not all. Instagram also announceddrum lyrics test expansion in several regions. This option will provide users with another option for in-app music interaction. With the “music + lyrics” option, users will be able to display the lyrics of their favorite song on the screen in variable fonts, adding another element to their video. . Besides that, I lyrics appear on the screen as you scroll through the track, it will be easier for you to find the desired part of the song. In recent months, Instagram has been testing the Reels lyrics option in some regions, which is an extension of the Stories lyrics option available since 2019. Instagram’s expanded focus on music is in line with usage trends. Is Instagram Really Worth It? following in the footsteps of TikTok on that front, the short video app is now a key platform for music promotion. It affects how artists and record companies create songs to maximize their success.

Viral hit on TikTok could launch a career artist and as part of a broader shift towards using social media applications for entertainment rather thaninteractionquickly becomes path important for musicians to promote their creativity. Instagram wants to promote the same, partly as a front in case TikTok is banned in the US (i.e., Instagram can replace all of its features at once), and partly as a means to stay up to date with the latest trends that TikTok follows. much better.

The meta lost its cool years ago, but through replication, it essentially outsources its development, allowing it to remain relevant and valuable without needing any cultural flair of its own. The texts in Reels are a minor element in this regard, but this is another way to reflect these changes in usage. Music is an important part of popular culture and Instagram seems to be striving to keep up with current trends. The platform is constantly updating its functionality to provide users with a better and more engaging experience.

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