Instagram In the Microsoft Store, Now, Therefore, PWA!


A bit of information, the user of Instagram in the Windows 10, the recently, one of the comments to the article Edge chrome the Biggest enemy For Google Chrome! to say that Instagram in the Microsoft Store has now been converted to PWA.

This change is actually already planned, the Facebook in December, where they updated the app Instagram to Windows 10 to a PWA or Progressive Web-Apps (Via Neowin).

Although now the app Instagram to Windows 10, the PWA, the ability to do Direct Messaging can’t be done, in contrast to the PWA, in General, the characteristics of the DM it was.

Instagram PWA On Chrome (left) vs Instagram PWA Via MS Store (on the Right)

I’m actually using less and less interested in Instagram in Windows 10, if it is limited considering its features really, and I’m trying to install Instagram PWA this, there is a slight oddity where the Shortcut icon Instagram in the Start-menu there are two.

Icon Instagram is clicked first (top) when on, it will Store directly redirect to the page Instagram in Microsoft. While the other will be completely Instagram PWA opened. But this should not be a problem, since the uninstall icon, Instagram, and slide in the Microsoft Store, it affect the application Instagram PWA.

Good for those who are curious about Instagram PWA, you can have it downloaded on the page of Microsoft Store or, if you already have, Instagram, before, you could do an update to the application.

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