Instagram is a Test message, the Missing feature Is the Automatic Direct messages!


INDOZONE.ID Instagram add today new functions in order to have the app-social media to all users feel comfortable to communicate when on Instagram with other people.

Recently, one of the analysts of the social media famous by the name of Jane Manchun Wong, through his official Twitter account reported that currently, Instagram is testing on the new features.

You are aware of the fact that such a function later in the service of a DM (Direct message) that allows the user to send a message that could be lost automatically.

“Instagram was the examination of the functions of the ‘speak no eil-mode’ where the messages can be lost. From the looks of it, this feature is still in an early stage of development, and I’m trying to prove,” writes Jane.

Parties Facebook as the parent company of Instagram will also give you a confirmation in respect of the presence of such functions. They say that this feature is still being tested in an early stage of development and for internal parties only.

“We are always thinking of new features, the user friendliness is high in the message. This feature is still in an early stage of development and have not been tested externally,” wrote the party Instagram.

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