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Kim Kardashian he left shaken up again with the social network, with a racy photo that it only takes a tiny bikini in pink. This image has been published by the advantage in his account of the Instagramwhich is more than 159 million people.

He said the postthat is already a while on the platform, as it came to earn more than 3 million like. This attests to the affection that is aroused in the picture between the users of the web site.

There is a mention that one of the people who gave you “love” for the sexy posting Instagramthat will be one of the most popular of the season, it was his half-sister, Kylie Jenner.

The answers left by visitors to the website accounted for more than 14,000. Many have made comments with a tone of joyous and playful.

“I can’t Really sleep on such a night, Kim Kardashian. It will be no fault of your own, that dying in sleep, in the morning, do my work,” said one internet user.