Instagram: Renato Tapia and Edison Flores was told not to get to know Mia Khalifa and Sasha Grey | Youtube | Peruvian team | Facebook


Despite the fact that the world is “crippled” by the coronavirusmany personalities have found several ways to take advantage of the time. Such was the case of Edison Flowers and Renato Tapiawho did not hesitate to make a live video in Instagram.

Many of his followers took advantage and connected with them to monitor the conversation between the two players that caused a furore in Instagram. However, in one of the questions that were asked, were not “well prepared”.

It turns out that after the sharing of stories and tastes of football and other topics, ‘Ears’ told Renato Tapia if preferred Mia Khalifa or Sasha Grey. The current player of DC United had not finished throwing the question when the ‘big-Headed’ he replied.

“Do not know the truth,” said the player Feyenoord of the Netherlands after which, Edison Flores tried to go with the flow pointing out that I did not know of the existence of both, although his face gave the impression of wanting to laugh.

However, seeing the serious face of Renato Tapia, was contained. Finally, the ‘big-Headed’ settled the issue with the following phrase: “I don’t know. They must be actresses. Should come out in Avengers”.

For several minutes, Flowers and Tapia shared the live link where his fans were more than satisfied as it answered some of your questions and even sent greetings.

It is worth mentioning that due to the coronvirusmany of the players of the Peruvian team are carrying out their workouts from their homes under the supervision of their respective commands technical.

Days ago, Peru had to start their participation in the Qualifiers Qatar 2022 visiting Paraguay, but after the postponement of the competition for the COVID-19, the Conmebol will see the rescheduling of the dates.