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Sasha Grey will be presented on the 27th of July in the night club Central Real Plaza Civic Center in the only DJ Session that the multi-faceted artist will be in our country, thanks to the production of Wonder Shows. Tickets will be sold from Friday 10 June to S/. 119 in all the modules of Your Entry, located in Plaza Vea and Vivanda.

This will be the first time that the actress, model and writer will come to Peru as part of a tour that will pass through Mexico, Argentina and Chile, and that presents a facet of a disc jockey, very commented and praised by the press and their fans, because of the great passion that the artist has for the music, the disc and certain characters belonging to this industry.

The organization of the event wants to make clear that Sasha Grey will be in Peru only on the 27th of July in the night club Central Real Plaza Civic Center, disproving that the artist is going to be present in other dates or events, as it has been reporting falsely in some social networks.

Born as Marina Ann Hantzis, Sasha Grey jumped to world fame when he joined the adult film, between 2006 and 2011. In this industry is made of a name, had a lot of success, won several awards, and his reputation provided him with thousands of followers throughout the world. After this period, decided to go for the traditional cinema, TV, literature, and music.

In the traditional cinema, then leave the porn, Sasha Grey participated in the film “The Girlfriend Experience” from Steven Soderbergh, who helped her to break away from its image of icon for adults. He also participated in the seventh season of the series HBO, “Entourage”, where she was of herself and the girlfriend of the protagonist, among other important projects.

As a writer, the artist editió “La Sociedad Juliette”, the first book ies of Sasha Grey, which was a success, and revealed her role as a literata and avid reader. However, his true passion is the music, with which he has recorded several albums as a guest artist with other artists, was the model of videos by Eminem, and The Smashing Pumpkins and decided to experiment as a DJ, with very good reviews, facet which will now show very soon in Lima.

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