Instagram study, the DM-message is Deleted Automatically


THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE – Instagram reports, is currently a new function service message or a Direct message (DM) tests. This feature allows messages that have been sent, the user can be hidden automatically.

Is a technology researcher Jane Manchun Wong who has found Instagram is the development of a new function.

In the statement uploaded in the Twitter account @wongmjane explain that the user of a DM to send to another user, the message disappears in a certain period of time.

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Based on his findings that it used the features of Instagram new as an alternative mode, where the user could switch between the mode of the DM to the normal mode and the message disappeared.


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By posting the GIF that was shared by Jane, the display of a message, the disappear entered DM after the close of DM features.

Quotes from Ubergizmo, Jane claims that the version which he found still version barebones or klonigan.

To improve Instagram then you reply to the contributions of Jane on Twitter, with the request to continue the experience of the user on the platform.