Instagram viral: Cristiano Ronaldo has a twin, plays soccer but does not have the same muscle | VIDEO | NCZD world Football


See it to believe it. The name of Cristiano Ronaldo does not cease to be a trend in social networks for different reasons. Either for something that will make the footballer or not, the current striker of Juventus always captures, directly or indirectly, the websites of different media.

This was the case a few days ago, when you through your profile on Instagram, ‘SportsCenter’ shared a video of a man with features very similar to those of the Portuguese. Such is the resemblance, that the users of this virtual platform began to joke around with the double Christian, highlighting on everything that physically this is thinner.

Known for being one of the athletes who best take care of your body to always be at the top, called -and-much – attention that this version of Cristiano Ronaldo he lacked just that: muscle. However, it seems that a talent for football, because in the clip you will appreciate willing to play with their friends and facing with confidence.

“Christian, do you? Attention, there is another CR7 loose in any part of the world”reads the text of the publication of ‘SportsCenter’, alongside an emoji laughing by what the pictures show.

As was expected, the video of this fake Cristiano Ronaldo it became viral in a matter of hours, and to date almost 170 thousand views and more than 21 thousand ‘I like’. Crazy.