Instagram will Start to Observe the functions of Co, Here is How To Use It


MENLO PARK, HARIANHALUAN.COM – Instagram is a new feature that can turn it rolls a passive experience, which is isolated more social and active. As for the new function of Co is Observed.

Co-Watching add to the ability of video calls Instagram the no. Quoted by Business Insider, Wednesday (25/3/2020), Instagram said, to Observe the introduction of Co is accelerated, in order to cover the needs, is in progress to connect virtually with friends and family.

“We have decided, give, please, so that we can offer to collect more opportunities for people now,” said a spokesperson from Instagram.

The demand for applications and video-has increased calls from the distance in the last few weeks. Therefore, more and more people spend time in the home to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

People have found a way, and the alternative, which is more innovative for that are connected to each other by maintaining social distance. Millions of people were ordered to work from home. During the high-school and college-had been postponed, online.

Test Instagram top features of the Co-was discovered Watching the first in April 2019 from Jane Manchun Wong. It is not known when Instagram plans to release a feature, but to accelerate and the availability of perfect photo-sharing service to serve to the user during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Instagram told Business Insider, Observed features of Co, is already for many users, worldwide, except in the United States. Features Co-Watching can be accessed by anyone on the video chat on Instagram.

Users only need to tap on the icon of the video camera in the top right corner is a Direct message. As soon as It appears in the video-chat, photo-icon in the lower left corner of the screen to access the functions of the Co-Sharing.

From there, you can be proposed from photos and videos, Instagram likes, and bookmarks, as well as the posting, together with the group video chat. (*)