Instagram | Yasmin Garcia shocked to demonstrate the radical transformation that has suffered your body | Photos | nnda nnrt Trends


Yanet Garcia are encouraged to post through his account of Instagram a photograph is unprecedented, which shows the great change that has undergone your body in the past ten years.

The popular ‘girl from the weather the more sexy of the world’ is autoaislada in your house to protect you from the coronavirusbut not left to remain in contact with his millions of followers on Instagram. Now, through a couple of collages in which he wears a top and a miniskirt.

As you can see in the images, Garcia looked much more thin. The change most obvious is, without a doubt, the size of their legs and buttocks, which, according to the own-conductive, is due to the hard work that it performs in the gym and a healthy diet.

“Before and 10 years after. The hard work gives results. 100% built in the gym”writes the model on the publication, which builds up more than 290 thousand ‘I like’ in Instagram.

“Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your free time… you become what you will be tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. You can find what you want and start to become that person”, continues.

“He enjoys the process because every day you will be closer to your goal. Have patience because the results will take time but will be worthwhile. Don’t give up, that if I have been you, too, you’ll be able to achieve. Do it for you , for you and for your health. The most beautiful thing that has left me to lead a healthy life goes way beyond a nice body, is to feel good about myself. Focus, work hard, Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that it is NOT possible”ends.

Additionally, the influencer asked her followers through Instagram stories, “not to operate”.

“Yes you can. If you need motivation go to see my last photo that I took. I am proud of the results I have obtained in a natural way”, he wrote.

“Do not operate, do not inject, do not need. I tell them that yes you can grow the buttocks in a natural way exercising a lot, eating super healthy”added Yanet Garcia.