Insulation against coronavirus is now or never: López-Gatell


Stay at home in bulk is the last opportunity for Mexico to reduce the spread of Covid-19warned Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, who called for more energetic people to abide by the measures social distancingas a necessity, in order not to saturate the health system.

“We must contribute to reduce the intensity of the pandemic, therefore we require to take all [acciones] educated, to the extent that we succeed in the mass executions of immobilisation, we will have benefit for all, because it contributes to reduce the speed of transmission of this virus, which is a necessity, and we are faced with the unique opportunity to do so,” he said.

In a press conference, in which he was accompanied by the secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela and by chancellor Marcelo Ebrard, the deputy minister regretted that despite the measures, just in the City of Mexico has managed to reduce the mobility by 30%.

“There are monitoring the traffic that allow us to measure if people are at home and we see that there, that there was a lesser reduction of 30% despite the disposal of the government. We see that the measures are not applied with the necessary rigour, and we need all sectors: social, private and public do so because, in a forceful way. Stay at home, if you do not stay you, and you and you, and all of us, what is going to come of it is that in the next few weeks we will have too many cases to be able to meet all of us and will lead to unfortunate outcomes,” he emphasized.

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Still, the official emphasized that the government of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador had not thought of the possibility of a confinement mandatory or occupy the public force to enforce social distancing measures, it reiterated the call to social responsibility.

López-Gatell presented charts of other countries that have contagions of mass, such as Italy and the united States, and stated that it is not a desired situation in Mexico, so it is necessary to seize the moment of opportunity to reduce the levels of infections.

“If we compare the situation that you have lived in other countries, it is not something that we want to live, nor government, nor society, because it is something uncontrollable, that is why we emphasize the moment of opportunity, this point at which the curve goes to be transmission slow to extremely rapid, 23 march, Mexico surpassed that point, but we have not gone beyond the one thousand cases, we still have an opportunity to stop”.

He emphasized that the phase 3 that is coming is the most difficult and carries with it the danger that saturated the hospitals, as well as that the severe cases are complicated, no way to care for them and occur deaths that can be avoidable. The only way is staying at home in a massive way, all and all, during the stipulated period of one month, he insisted.

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“This does not mean that you are going to prevent further increasing the cases, it is clear, will continue to rise and there will be serious, even dead, so that you can achieve is to retard the speed of contagion, and that then, when we get to the phase of maximum transmission, the hospitals have enough beds.”

About yes it will extend the period of healthy distance, explained that the General Health Council sits permanently on the 19th of march, in the event that it is decided that this day would be prolonged, shall be given the opportunity.

Yesterday, the governor of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad announced that has coronavirus. Last march 18 was as a guest at the conference in the morning in the National Palace.

However, the subecretario of Health ruled that president López Obrador may be subjected to a test by Covid-19, although he had contact with the representative.

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Add up to 16 deaths

José Luis Alomía, holder of Epidemiology, reported that at the moment add up to 16 deaths from coronavirus in Mexico, as well as 848 positive cases.

He explained that the deaths were recorded in Mexico City, with seven; Durango, Hidalgo, Michoacán and Quintana Roo reported one, while in Jalisco, there were three and two in San Luis Potosí.

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