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Intel to cease production of first Lakefield APUs

Through Product Change Notification, Intel announced that it will ship the latest 11th Gen Core APUs, codenamed Lakefield, in October 2021. It seems that the pilot project has been officially declared completed, it turned out to be economically impractical. Laptops on Lakefield were presented only by Lenovo and Samsung, and in the tests, they did not convince.

But Lakefield is interesting from a technical point of view since Intel used several crystals in the stack, which were produced according to different technical processes. The CPU cores were based on the Sunny Cove and Tremont architectures, a hybrid approach that combined the advantages of both worlds. But in the end, the advantages were never able to prove themselves due to various restrictions.

The end of an era has now been announced. However, the successor to Alder Lake is just around the corner. The hybrid concept will be carried over from the ultra-mobile segment to the desktop.

In addition to the two Lakefield processors, the first Ice Lake U processors have been “retired”. However, they have already been replaced by the new generation of Tiger Lake. Which will soon give way to Alder Lake. Some Comet Lake U models are also mentioned.

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