Intense film with Sydney Sweeney versus Donald Trump

Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney stars in a film based on real life.

He practiced this in February. Berlin International Film Festival a film that received a standing ovation from the audience and the jury, starring Sydney Sweeney A main characters of “Euphoria”, director Tina SutterHere’s what’s left of the podcast Girls in the cinema If it’s about Reality and she is one of the best actresses in her career.

Where is this going?

Plot Reality It is based on real facts, including what former intelligence specialist Reality Winner experienced when she discovered that government is used domestically in the 2016 US presidential election. This election turned Donald Trump into the president of the country.

Young 25 year old agent in interpretation workshop Sydney Sweeney, was accused of filtering information, but was not authorized to publish it and was classified information. In June 2017, the F.B.I. he asked questions at home to find out what he is looking for. Tina Sutter’s film shows a transcript of her actual conversation with FBI agents.

Movie Reality which is based on a true story, they promise to put pressure on the US government and now it available on streaming platform Spanish film.

You can see it abroad in Latin American cinema and on HBO Max.

Watch the trailer here

Is this what you hope for, movie fans?

A store Reality I was interrupted by the cast and actress Sydney Sweeney commented on the matter: “Hopefully everything will be ready again. Everyone in the world only needs one. And I think you have to work hard and that’s it. We hope we can lead to a great ending because people need to work. People need art. Art is good for you, for your soul. So, oh yeah, we can give art to people again.

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