Interesting stock for those with a long view and want a high yielding dividend

Stocks with significant long-term potential

Stocks with significant long-term potential –

In this study, we selected stocks that are attractive to forward-looking investors seeking high-yielding dividends. How did we identify these stocks? We considered the following parameters: daily trading value exceeding one million euros; Price-earnings ratio less than 15; ROE and turnover growth above 0% for the next few years; A beta of less than 1 and a dividend yield of over 5%.

Along with this selection we have also made a very special request. That is, share prices should move without increasing the movements of the main index. This way, strong bearish phases of the market are less affected. Thus we have selected 8 stocks: SARAS, ENI, Eupolsai, ACEA, IREN, Generali Asciurazzioni, Italgas, A2A. Since we’ve dealt with some of these stocks recently, we’ll focus on UnipolSAI and Generali Asciurazioni. Let’s just remember that of these stocks of interest to those looking that far ahead, the only stock to offer a double-digit dividend yield is Stork.

The rise of UnipolSAI is stopped by resistance: signals from graphic analysis

action unipolsai (MIL:US) closed 0.62% lower at EUR 2.248 in June 23 session compared to the previous session.

For more than 6 months now, quotes have been limited to the upside by resistance in the €2.374 area. Only overcoming this level can open the door to a bullish uptrend which can develop according to the scenario shown in the picture.

On the other hand, bears may gain an edge in this case Weekly close in the €1.938 area is below the minimum marked in March 2022, This level remained under repeated bearish pressure in the following months.

UnipolSAI stock set to rise, but struggling to accelerate

UnipolSAI’s stock is set to rise, but is struggling to accelerate –

Despite the sharp rise that started in October 2022, Generali Assicurazzioni shares can still go higher: Graphic analysis suggests

Topic general Insurance (MIL:G) closed the June 23 session at €18.26, down 0.35% from the previous session.

Generali Asciurazioni price has been moving since the beginning of April within a channel demarcated by the €17.894 and €19.058 levels., Only a break of any one of these levels at the end of the day can give direction to the stock. If the downside can be a possible target in the €16 area, then the upside targets are those shown in the picture.

Shares of Generali Asciurazzioni are at a higher level

Shares of Generali Asciurazioni are in an upward trend –

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