Intérnate in “The room prohibited.”


Sasha Grey returned to the PHIL to present “The room prohibited”, the second part of the saga “La sociedad Juliette”.

On this continuation of the plot, the author claimed that it was part of the plan: “Since I began writing ‘society Juliette’ I knew it was going to be a trilogy. It is not that you have decided, after the success of the first book.” With regard to the response of the people with his previous work, Grey said: “the more successful I get, the more I feel the need to share with people. I feel a great responsibility.”

The profiles of your characters, Sasha shared part of his creative process: “I Did a lot of research to situations, things that I read or if I see an interesting person”.

With a career that started in the adult film, the author watered their experiences to tell the plot, although the narrative belongs only to the characters. About the genre of erotic literature, to which belongs the trilogy that builds, asserts that the society “has a myopia with erotic literature; there are those who think that it is only for women, when in reality the erotic literature is also a reflection of the society”.

Published within the seal editorial Grijalbo, the facet of Sasha Grey as a writer dates back to his childhood, and stressed that “it is the only thing that I do without outside influence”. About his multiple facets, such as music, Grey shared: “I make music, but I’m not a singer, I do it because I write”. For the presentation of their new work, Sasha will be accompanied by Alejandro Rosas.