International Sound and DJ Karba’s Afro House at Dum Dum Republic

On Sunday 25 June 2023 (starting at 3pm) the dancefloor by the sea will light up with the infectious and energetic sound of the dancefloor. KarabaDJ personality and producer, specializing exclusively in dance music african house, As a preview, Saturday afternoon June 24, for cult aperitifs at Sunset by the Sea (starting at 5pm), Republic of Barakain which the lively rhythm Jamaica Mixing with tradition and evocative dialect Silento, and, at night, dum dum circus Together Dj Aladdindirectly from radio dj (from 10 pm).

« Another international guest star in Dum Dum Republic. We are waiting for the live set of Karba. Karba’s music is electric, you feel an absolute joy, surrender to the sound. It will be an extraordinary, powerful and disruptive weekend, which will also feature a double date on Saturday: a concert at sunset and a live set under the stars». – he claims biancaluna bifulco, the owner of the beach club; «The Dum Dum Republic is a hymn to freedom. The intersection of people and sounds that transforms into pure energy. Bare feet, a pounding heart and catchy music ensue as you sway to the beat of world music. Music builds relationships. At the center, however, always the human being, without any discrimination, without any barriers. Our Slogan is “Creativity”, We want to tell young people, women and every single human being “Always choose the most beautiful music, turn up the volume and with determination show the world that you are capable of believing in your talent and your uniqueness and developing”.

Passion, art, empowerment and the disruptive force of female creativity to once again become the 2023 leitmotiv of the Dum Dum Republic’s open-air factory on the sea, «We believe in women!»: contamination and the place of artistic languages ​​between women-inspired acting and world music.

“My goal on this earth is to inspire people, especially young people and girls. I want to tell them that they can literally do anything they set their mind to. I have an artistic soul that got me to that place.” has guided me to where I am today», says Karba.

Karaba was born in Grenoble, Franceand at the age of seven she left Montreal, As a child she started attending a dance school, which later became the first step in her artistic career and her first love. A lifelong self-described “immigrant”, Karba has moved to major locations to pursue dance, such as New York City in his 20s and then Los Angeles in 2014. In his musical training, DJ Karba recalls driving through the southern region of France, listening to motown Brought to hear, in a camper with my parents The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind and Fire and, of course, the voice of Barry White, Music and dance defined Karba’s entire life. In Los Angeles, she danced to some of pop music’s biggest hits, such as Drake, Camila Cabello and Selena Gomez, as well as appearing in several videos. He then found his way into DJing and music production, signing up for DJ Scratch Academy in Los Angeles.

Pop Music, Afro House, Afro Beat and the body that moves with the sound. Karba spends hours on his mixes: «When I make a mix, it not only has to tell a story, but it also has to mix very well. The music I play or make is a celebration. Coming from a dance background, music should inspire people the way it inspires me.”

careful to include sounds fromAfrica: «The more research I did, the more I found out that there were DJs playing music from my country. I discovered music from all over the African continent, I knew I had found my niche, my purpose as a musician: to share with people the music of my people, my country, in all its diversity and depth. A lot of the sounds coming out in the western world are heavily influenced by Africa. The artist behind this deserves to be seen and heard.”

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