There XXXIX International Summer Solstice Festival signed by Jacopo Sipari di Pescasseroli.will pay homage to the King of Pop on Thursday, August 17th at the Cloister of the Convent of San Francesco, in a show created by Roberto Molinelli at the head of the Sinfonica Abruzzese.

It’s time for black pop XXXIX International Summer Solstice Festivalsigned artistic director Jacopo Sipari of Pescasserolidone with MIC patronage, Abruzzo region, Tagliacozzo citystrongly supported Mayor Vincenzo Giovagnorio and his Cultural Advisor Chiara Nannifrom Bank of Fucino and from Carispack Foundation, which he places on his billboard Thursday, August 17tribute Michael Jackson of Thriller, in the cloister of the Convent of San Francesco, at 21.15. With Clarissa Vici AND Mattia Schasha (solo voices), Giulia Bellucci and Giuseppe Esposto (actors) With Symphony of Abruzzo director Robert Molinelli For direction Hello lyrics From Claudius Salvi tell a story, the legend of the king of pop. This is the event that will be the prelude at the age of 18, in the armorial courtyard of the ducal palace, the presentation of the book by Domenico Paris “The Ballad is False for No One Specifically” took place., at the Hoepley Library. Stories, ballads, about life, music, failures and the rebirth of living, pulsating characters. A doctor, a former actress, bar patrons, a couple battling cancer. The microcosm we encounter here represents all of us photographed in Paris in the footsteps of the realists.

It is always a great honor for me to meet and receive maestro Roberto Molinelli – said Maestro Sipari – an excellent command of the Italian viola, as well as a sublime composer, arranger, conductor and discoverer of new talents in the role occupied by the Sanremo laboratory, our regular guest here in Tagliacozzo, as a representative of a very specific crossover that already exists here. went through Queen and last year Abba and back with Michael Jackson. King of pop music was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. To sophisticated ears, this may sound shocking. After all, Jackson was just a pop star. Was Michael really more important among the most influential musicians than the Beatles? What about Louis Armstrong, who invented jazz, or Frank Sinatra, who reinvented it for white people? Or Elvis Presley, who did the same with blues and gospel while creating rock? Maybe. Michael Jackson simply had more talent as a performer than any of his peers. But the king of pop is considered the artist of the century, not only because of his exceptional talent, but also because he was able to embody this talent in a completely new way. Both in form and content, Jackson simply did what no one had done before him. The perfect combination of song and dance, definitely different from anything people have ever seen or heard. Jackson’s musical influence on later artists was inevitable, from his immediate followers such as Madonna and Bobby Brown to later stars such as Usher and Justin Timberlake. Jackson was clearly a tragic figure, his romantic views were truly revolutionary. Not a romantic in the stupid sense, but in the most ancient sense, the Byronic sense of a person who devotes his whole life to the pursuit of a creative ideal, challenging the social order and even the laws of nature. Jackson’s romantic ideal, which he learned as a child from Motown founder Berry Gordy, was a vision of an “Age of Aquarius” in which pop music was used to build racial, sexual, generational and religious harmony for self-expression, beyond boundaries.”

Teacher Robert Molinelli in this portrait dedicated to Michael Jackson, he follows in the footsteps of the star of the best-selling thriller released in the United States on November 30, 1982. Funk, rhythm and blues and soul meet and collide with rock and disco music over the course of nine songs, among which it is impossible to find one that can be defined as “minor”. The project changed pop music forever with seven unforgettable hits, including the record-breaking “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” and “Thriller”. Since we recognize each other among the champions, it should be mentioned in this connection that the first single taken from Thriller was The Girl is Mine, performed by Dzeko in a duet with Sir Paul McCartney. An important factor in the global success of the album was also the precious presence of Quincy Jones during the production phase and the support of the then-newborn MTV, which began to broadcast videos of Michael Jackson, which also enhanced his huge stage talents and finally made him an idol in general. latitude. The show was conceived in 2022 on the occasion of the disco’s 40th anniversary celebration year by Roberto Molinelli, who is its artistic director and curator of precious and unique symphonic arrangements that give the music even more intensity. Michael Jackson.

The transitional style of the project is obvious: the assertive rhythms of the most danceable pieces, as well as the ideas of some of Jako’s wonderful ballads. We’ll start from the very beginning or the Jackson Five with “Blame in on the boogie”, with songs interspersed with stories of Jackson’s musical history, whose star as a soloist was lit by his collaboration with the legendary Quincy Jones. first with “Off the Wall” and then with “Record Record”, the most sold in the history of over one hundred million copies worldwide, “Thriller”, and then with “Bad”. The concert will feature “Smooth Criminal”, inspired by the poetry of “Human Nature”, written by Toto, then “Billie Jean”, the duet “I just can’t stop loving you”, up to “Thriller”. in a symphonic pop arrangement, where the place of Vincent Price with that very famous spoken word in the work will be taken by maestro Roberto Molinelli. The site is also for the most famous charity song in history “We are the World” and for the more dedicated Michael Jackson with the lyrics “Man in the Mirror” and “You are not only”. Then a rock version of “Beat it” with Clarissa Vici on vocals and Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo, “Earth Song”, followed by an orchestral medley including “Blood on the Dance Floor”. Black or White” and “Bad”, and again “History” and “Heal the World”, in which Mattia Szasha and Clarissa Vici will talk to each other.

Next meeting: we return to Villa Massimo in Avezzano, in the green of Monte Salviano, on Friday 18 August, at 18 with a gala performance by students of the Classical Lyric Art of Maestro Glenn Morton and the Academy of High Vocal Excellence for the Daltrocanto stage by Maestro Donata D’Annunzio Lombardi. However, in the evening, at 21.15, author’s music in the convent of San Francesco in Tagliacozzo with the symphonic project of Noa, in her name meaning peace-bringer, sister, la Yemeni singer with her theatrical, wise and changeable vocals, who can switch from pop to folk, from soul to the melodies of her land, inspired by Divan, a book of traditional ceremonial songs, and Silsulim, giving life to a repertoire that touches both cultural hemispheres, which will be presented to the festival audience together with Gilles Dor, followed by the Sinfonica Abruzzese Orchestra conducted by Marco Moresco.


Information point: 0863 610750 Municipality of Tagliacozzo: 0863 6141

Tickets are on sale at Tel: 0863/25842 – 0863/411830

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