interview for his first EP since Amici 22 he interviewed Aaron on the eve of the publication of its first EP Wagon and after advertising experience Friends 22.

On this occasion, the Umbrian singer-songwriter spoke about his talent show career, both artistically and personally.

In particular, he focused on some of the relationships that accompanied his life in the house, especially his friendship with another singer, Krikka.

You can watch our interview with Aaron here

Edoardo Boari, that’s his real name, also told us about those songs that he performed during the day and in the evening and which most of all reflected on his vision of music.

Inevitably, his long time at school as a student changed him. But the fear of losing touch with reality has not changed, so much so that he still hesitates to call himself an artist.

Because, as Aaron said, it was a powerful experience from an emotional point of view, given his young age and previous experience of fragility, but (in our opinion) also of resources to become a balanced adult, as well as a business suit of a performer.

Exactly what the public liked most about his advertisement Friendsbesides talent, it is the humility that is most evident in his words in the interview.

In fact, the singer-songwriter revealed that he was thrilled to meet his audience during the shopping tours associated with the launch of his first recording project.

But also to have the main expectation that he will finally be able to accept his fans.

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