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We have seen his latest work (all) on Rai 1, in Sanremo, on the notes of “Via del campo” by De André, where he took care of the image of Izi for the duet with Madame. But before the Sanremo week completely absorbed us, Gaia Dallorto was the protagonist of another musical moment destined to become a symbol of the year that has just begun. As Anna’s stylist, she worked on the set of “Cookies ‘N Cream”, the video clip that ushered in the era of MOTHER OF PEARL, Guè’s new album. Thanks to her, her outfits of the “strongest female rapper in Italy” have remained as impressed as her bars (“pronto, baby, tell me, I’m busy, I’m busy”). For this reason, we asked Gaia to tell us about references, dreams, inspirations and secrets that have led her to stand out for a unique and recognizable style. For the «New proposals» series, and above all: new promises.

Would you like to reveal the details and inspirations of Anna’s outfits in the “Cookies ‘N Cream” video?

The “Cookies ‘N Cream” video is a tribute to video clips from the 2000s. For Anna’s look I was inspired by Missy Elliot, goddess of rap and undisputed icon of those years. Her character has caused a sensation not only for the ruthless rhymes, but above all for the irreverence of her style. She was the first to have worn a sports suit, a garment that was previously considered exclusively for sport, on the Grammy red carpet in 2003. It was a pink tracksuit with a maxi adidas logo, coordinated with the inevitable chain of gold, socks and sneakers. My research started from this fashion moment and I almost immediately thought of Moschino, a pop, colorful and irreverent brand. For Anna, I chose a total look from the latest “Moschino Logo” collection, characterized by all-over logos and maxi gold chains around the waist that enhance her movements. The Timberland boot, then, is the symbol of hip hop par excellence starting from the 90s with Tupac and Biggie: I chose it in pink, completing it all with the addition of a bandana, another symbol of the aesthetics of that world like the en pendant hat with visor.

How does Anna’s style reflect your vision?

I can say that from the first meeting a good harmony was created both from a human and working point of view given that my aesthetic and musical background is very similar to Anna’s. As true lovers of hip hop culture we are both fascinated by the great female icons of the past up to the more recent ones such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj or Cardi B. The return of the Y2k aesthetic has allowed us to have a lot of fun: brands like Diesel and Juicy Couture with the iconic chenille tracksuits of the 2000s were the first ones we collaborated with.

How did your first meeting with Anna go?

The first meeting with Anna took place in November 2022, when I was contacted to follow her on the shooting for the communication of the song “Shawty” together with the Neapolitan rapper Yung Snapp. The styling references that were presented to me featured some of the most popular couples at the moment such as Rihanna and Asap Rocky, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, who I follow and who inspire me a lot, so I immediately took the project to heart . I knew Anna as an artist, but I had never met her before the fitting we did the night before leaving for the shooting in Naples, so I carried out my research independently, following only the proposed images and imagining the result in my head . Anna really liked her looks and it was very difficult to choose just one for the cover, in fact we shot them all and kept them for future occasions.

The Karl Kani look from the “NO BODYGUARD Freestyle” video for SNIPES seems to confirm that Anna has entered her pink “era”. What is the significance of this choice?

Anna’s love for the color pink is now consolidated, as well as being her favorite color it is her characteristic trait. For us it is essential to include it in every look, even with just a detail, because it represents Anna and it is important to maintain a defined image over time. Since Italian rap is a world that has always been dominated by the male gender, I think this pink “era” further clarifies the concept that Anna is rocking, making room for herself with her head held high in the scene. As she says in the freestyle for Snipes: «They copy the style I’m iconic, when the world falls I stay solid», this is the bar that encloses Anna’s confidence and determination in pink.

You also take care of the image of artists such as Tedua, Izi, Bresh and many others. How did it all start and what is your approach to styling with them?

Since 2021 I have been collaborating with the Drilliguria collective, made up of Bresh, Disme, Helmi 7abi, Izi, Tedua and Vaz Tè. The first work done with them was “Glory Days” by Vaz and Disme, which then led me to follow all the projects of the boys. With each of them I have a different approach that always starts from a strong human relationship of trust and respect. The work with Izi, for example, starts from long chats that we call “reference afternoons” in which we watch videos, films, exchange new titles of books, artists, works and brainstorm which will be useful for subsequent projects. Instead, we work together with Bresh starting from the album “Oro Blu”, it is beautiful and stimulating to see the evolution of his storytelling as the project grows: it is essential to always keep the reference to Genoa therefore to a world of simplicity, purity and Light colors. Together with Tedua we recently worked for the red carpet of the Rome Film Fest, where he wore an elegant suit with the peculiarity of a blue shirt and a blue brooch depicting a wave of the sea, always to underline the importance of details and of the origins.

What are your inspirations?

My main inspirations are music videos, especially those from the past from the 90s to today. It’s a passion I’ve cultivated over the years, as a kid I spent whole afternoons on MTV watching music video charts and that’s when I started wondering who was behind the stars’ looks. My first reference videos, which I remember by heart like it was yesterday, are Madonna’s “Hang Up”, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and Christina Aguilera’s “Can’t Hold Us Down”. The latter made me discover the love for hip hop culture at the age of 10, given that it takes place in an American neighborhood where the singer and her extras challenge each other in a dance battle between men and women. The looks are super 90sthe girls wear maxi gold hoops, curlers on their heads, sport tracksuits and jeans while the men wear flat caps on their heads, oversized trousers and adidas sneakers.

And your reference brands?

Working with various artists, I feel like saying that my reference brands are those who decide to support each project without “ifs” and “buts”, especially if it is an emerging artist or one with few followers. I’ve learned that the beauty of this job is precisely the journey, starting from scratch as a challenge and reaching higher and higher. If a brand has collaborated with us from the beginning, it will be nice to push it and use it for important occasions, carrying on the work together.

The artist or star you dream of dressing.

I’ve always been a sports lover, I follow football a lot and I’m fascinated by the NBA, where sportsmen are seen almost as gods. I would very much like to be able to follow the image of some soccer player or basketball player in the future. Right now the first names on the list are Paul Pogba, currently at Juventus, and Ja Morant, in Memphis with the Grizzlies. Having so far only followed personalities linked to the world of entertainment, I am very curious to find out what lies behind the life of sportsmen.

A piece of advice for those who would like to do the same job as you.

I am very young and I feel I still have a lot to learn. The first piece of advice I would give, however, is to immediately jump into the world of work, proposing yourself as assistants as I did. It is important to immediately find a stylist to support, perhaps with an aesthetic similar to your own, so that you can focus more and more. I graduated in Styling and Communication at the IED in Milan, which certainly trained me by giving me the basics, but I’m sure that in this world the best school is experience in the field. It is essential to steal the tricks of the trade with your eyes, learn how to do research and how to behave on set.

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