Into the Fire director Connor Allyn talks Amber Heard: ‘She was amazing’

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After the ups and downs related to the lawsuit with Johnny Depp, we return to talking about Amber Heard and cinema, thanks to her appearance at the Taormina Film Festival for the world premiere of which. in the fireThe actress plays a psychiatrist in the new film directed by Conor Allin.

,He started our film right after the trial in UKand when she finished our movie she went straight to virginia for another testsaid the director.I think she’s very good in the movie and I’m sure she was It’s hard to think about all these thingsAllin talked about her collaboration with Heard, describing how she was able to “fit” perfectly into the film’s project.

Despite fans’ unexpected reaction to Amber Heard’s return, the director praised her approach to the job. ,scheduled tribeI’m sure it was very difficult because of all these other things“, They said. “Whenever you’re shooting a film on location, you’re away from the world and we were shooting in very remote locations in Southern Italy and Guatemala. Amber has a personality so i think he’s so focused on the job, She was incredibly involved with what we were doing, rehearsing and all of those thingsAllin concluded.

After problems with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard left Hollywood forever, moving to Spain. What do you think? Tell us about it in the comments!

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