Invasion, the plot of a sci-fi thriller with Nicole Kidman

Today is Friday 25 August 2023 and on Channel 20 at 21.05 tonight will be broadcast. Invasion, a film that mixes sci-fi with thriller, but the result is below expectations. Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel Invasion This is a remake of the 2007 movie. Body Snatcher Invasionone of Don Siegel’s most famous sci-fi films, made in 1956. Both are adaptations of Jack Finney’s 1955 science fiction novel, which was later re-proposed for cinema by Philip Kaufman (1978) and Abel Ferrara (1993).

The plot and actors of “Invasion”

Carol and little Oliver in a movie scene
Carol and little Oliver in a movie scene Invasion

A alien life form Like a mushroom, it infects men and during REM sleep takes over their lives, making them apathetic and insensible. Anyone can get sick, except for those who have previously had a brain infection. It is the aggravated chickenpox that will save Oliver, the immune boy, the protagonist of the film.

Invasion is the story of Carol’s mother who tries at all costs to protect her son from her ex-husband Tucker, who is infected and, above all, is a supporter of the plan in favor ofinfection of all men. The psychiatrist, along with his scientist friend Ben and other scientists, gradually gains more and more information about the strange epidemic and its functioning in the film. Will it be enough to be saved?

V throw From Invasion there are two main characters: Nicole Kidmanwho plays Carol Bennel, and Daniel Craig (here’s a curious story behind Skyfall) as biologist friend Ben. Next to them is Jeremy Northam – Tucker, the woman’s ex-husband; Jackson Bond – little Oliver; then again Jeffrey Wright, Veronica Cartwright, Josef Sommer and Celia Weston.

Tonight for 99 minutes, if you want to spend after dinner in the company of alien plagues, scientists, plans to destroy humanity and mother’s desperate attempts, Invasion this is the sci-fi movie for you.

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