Invention to get to attractions without queuing

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Free Tips to Avoid the Lines at PortAventura’s Attractions

Located on Spain’s sunny Gold Coast, PortAventura is one of the favorite destinations for lovers of attractions and shows. With a variety of themed areas and a vibrant atmosphere filled with Universal Studios characters, it offers unforgettable adventures for visitors of all ages.


There are in the park six different subject areas, each with its own charm and unique experience.From exotic and fascinating regions the mediterranean Head to the busy park annexe Ferrari LandThere are options for every taste.Adrenaline seekers can go all out Shambhalaone of the tallest roller coasters in Europe, or defy gravity at the impressive Dragon Khan.And, starting this year, a new attraction uncharted waters Commit to strong emotions.

Fun for the whole family in Port Aventura

Shambhala is one of the most exciting roller coasters in PortAventura

For those looking for a little less excitement, PortAventura has plenty to offer, too.Subject areas are sesame adventures It’s the perfect place for the little ones, with attractions and shows themed around Sesame Street characters. In addition, there are colorful acrobatic performances and colorful parades in the park, so that the whole family can enjoy themselves.

One of the highlights of PortAventura is its attention to detail and its ability to transport you to different places and times.from ancient charm China until energy Mexicothe nature of Polynesia and vibrant far west, each themed area has been carefully designed to immerse you in its culture and environment. Visitors can enjoy authentic food and music, and explore the typical architecture and decorations of each region.

Complete experience of park facilities

Elmo Welcomes Visitors to PortAventura

For those looking to extend their visit, PortAventura offers a range of themed hotels that guarantee a complete experience.from the luxurious Jinhe Hotel Head to an adventurous hotel colorado river, guests can relax in an environment inspired by the park’s theme.In addition, visitors can enjoy the Caribbean Water Parka water park full of slides, pools and fun in the sun.

This theme park attracts millions of tourists from all over the world with its unique combination of excitement, entertainment and culture.From the dynamic rides to the shows to the attention to detail in the environment, this theme park will take you a magical world Among them is the latest technology.

Virtual passage, a new way to avoid queues at attractions

Hurakan Condor will be an attraction for PortAventura’s virtual waterway opening

PortAventura just unveiled an invention it hopes will revolutionize the theme park experience.its about Virtual channels, a virtual queue to avoid waiting Wait minutes or even hours for your turn to enter an is already available in hurricane condora dizzying free-falling tower discovered in Mexico.

There is a QR code in the park that can be scanned to sign up for the list.Appeared Waiting time so you can drop by other attractions while waiting in line In areas of less demand or utilizing park facilities. Once it’s your turn, you go up.It is completely free Also this attraction is in beta phase and there will be a lot of queues due to the lack of seats, but who knows if it will be incorporated into the roller coaster in the future. Disney World already has a similar system, where each park visitor is allotted an hour at no additional charge.

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