Investigate baby’s death by pneumonia, would be Covid-19



The secretary of Health of Tamaulipas, Gloria Molina Gamboa, reported that the death of a baby 21 days of bornin the General Hospital of Matamoros, presented a picture of pneumonia, so that was the protocol of sampling for COVID-19.

According to the official, the newborn presented with respiratory failure severe, so he was admitted to the pediatric ward with a diagnosis of probable congenital heart disease and box of pneumonia.

It is for this reason that were made to the relevant studies, among them an echo heart finding it normal, chest x-rays with foci neum├│nicos and his respiratory failure worsened, so he was intubated to perform mechanical ventilation.

Molina Gamboa pointed out that it will remain in the hospital the baby’s body until the reveal of the results of the test performed.

He said that, in the event of his death came to be confirmed by a Coronavirus, will act in accordance with the Guidelines for the Handling, Transportation and Disposal of Bodies of Deceased Persons due to disease generated by the virus SARS-COV2.

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