Investigating a possible mass bird flu outbreak following the bizarre deaths of 40 sea lions in Necochea

Investigating a possible mass bird flu outbreak following the bizarre deaths of 40 sea lions in Necochea

An unusual event alerted authorities on Tuesday Necociawhere the last 72 hours look lifeless At least 40 sea lions showed symptoms of bird flu. Given the possibility of mass infection, an investigation of the body was ordered to determine the cause of death and remove suspicion.

This is a group of mammals corresponding to the species known as “one hair” – which usually inhabit plains, like the sand on the beach – between the northern and southern breakwaters of the aforementioned hot springs city last weekend. was found, corresponding to the town of Kerken.

All victims were men, and their bodies had a peculiarity: Most people get nosebleeds Although this is a feature of the flu described above, it is uncommon when the death is due to natural causes.he explained it like this database Carlos Leo, Marine Animal Rescue reported the incident and warned the respiratory illness could be contagious.

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“I have requested an autopsy on the body as it may be Avian Influenza. One such case occurred at a sea lion colony in the Rionegro. And given that they can reach Necochea within a few days of their migration phase, if someone becomes infected, it could contagiously spread to other groups. “The expert explained.

As he noted, the number of deaths registered over the past three days five times those that accounted for the whole past winter, of which only eight dead. The latter isn’t the only fatality, however: at least 10 of the species have also died in the last month. “It’s weird, never seen anything like it. Over the same period in 2022, the death toll is more than 50, and the death toll is 8. “

Carlos Leo insisted this could be due to a flu infection, which has the ability to kill almost an entire flock of birds at once. The period is 48 hours. As he points out, bird flu can cause stress problems in the brain, which can lead to headaches, It turns their eye color red, makes their noses bleed, and makes them tremble.

“That’s it until they’re out of breath. When I arrived I heard about the situation from a neighbor who alerted me I see some of these wolves trembling and having these traits. I request that this be investigated. A group of biologists from the University of Mar del Plata and SENASA is working on this problem,” he said.

In this sense, the municipality confirmed to this media that they are in the wait autopsy results, and considering the circumstances, they held a meeting urgency Assess the situation with those responsible for the public health area.

Regarding the possibility of avian influenza spreading from sea lions to humans, Carlos Leo commented: “In fact, cases of human-to-human transmission are rare. Not saying it doesn’t exist, just that it’s highly unlikely. If you’re with your dog, it might sniff near an infected animal, maybe it licks the mucus and brings some infection,” he warns.

Most of the sea lions spotted on the beach in the past few hours were buried in the sand by city personnel trained in such cases. The bodies were reportedly placed there to prevent gases released from decomposition remaining in the air and posing a hazard.

they hope the outcome of hot springs autopsy Get ready in the next few hours for action to be taken on this matter.At least 10 samples should be tested, of which Their organs will be examined and various analyzes performed to determine their cause of death.

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