Invited to the World Rally in Budapest to mark the 120th anniversary of the brand

Vasco Rossi bought it in order not to give up his “carefree life”, while Ligabue says he dreams of it “some nights”., The hum of its engine is music to the ears of thousands of enthusiasts around the world including the stars. And healthy moto-romanticism can also be recognized in this story. let’s start with the circumstances of The discovery, in an old Tuscan barn, where the priceless two-wheeler, a very old Harley model, had been lying since time immemorial, Like a piece of junk nearly 100 years old, seemingly worthless piece of iron, lifeless but brought back to life and paid, “seen and liked”, 7 thousand euros, It may seem so, but not in the eyes of those who, like the Little Prince, know how to see beyond the reality of what they see. Be it a rose or a motorcycle, care and attention is what makes everything special. Or rather the customized Harley Davidson listed as “Special”, Renamed “Il Fauno” by its creators, Stefano Martinelli of Bergamo and his faithful companion Davide Francvilla, By Bergamo Adoption but just Frankie for everyone else. two souls, two human engines “PDF – Vanishing Point” by LallioA place that escapes any definition, where in a former factory from the beginning of the twentieth century, a workshop, a bar, a great hall and a restaurant (PDF, or Food Point) are defined as “Ronaldo”. May go. Of two custom Harley wheels:”We’ve won everything, national and international customization competitions, European and world titles, It may seem like an exercise in style to transform motorcycles from the past into unique pieces, but ours is pure passion», they take care to clarify, caressing the «Fauno» with their eyes.

Based on the plot of a 1927 JD 8-valve twin-cylinder, this special starts tomorrow Maxi Harley will be one of the heroes of the meeting in Budapest, A monstrous event to celebrate (100,000 visitors are expected from around the world). American company’s 120th birthdayAs the epicenter of which will be the new Puskás Arena park, a 70,000-seat stadium and surroundings, where, along with new products, a large space will be dedicated to the world of customization, which has always been the backbone of the Harley cult. “Convocation” came in early Mayin a golden envelope with which the organizers of the maxi harley-birthday have officially approved the extravagant nature of the “fawn”, so much so that it contains A very short list of sixty motorcycles on display from 20 countries, This nomination is already priceless for Stefano and Frankie.

Green color (for a self-respecting woodland creature), gritty look and rear wheel with chainBecause, explains Frankie «this bike pays tribute to hill climbing, uphill racing and therefore the chain increases its “grip” with rough terrain», the Fauno was born on the motorcycle ashes of another customized Harley, the «Big Kahuna» Happened, a super-award winning special, which was followed by Brad Pitt for at least six months. A conversation for a few tens of thousands of euros disappeared for a tricycle with a certain untouched regret of the two owners, Negotiations are now underway with a potential French buyer for “Fauno” on a sale basis of 50,000 euros. Not a bad nest egg, even though, in his case, the saying “some things are priceless” applies more than ever.

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