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IOHK announced that the Alonzo testnet is now in the Purple phase. Smart contracts could come in early September

By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

Although there are still a couple of phases to go, the arrival of Alonzo Purple indicates that the project continues to advance, so that smart contracts are getting closer and closer in the network of Cardano.


The company behind the development of Cardano, IOHK, reported that the Alonzo testnet is already in phase Purple (Purple), with which the arrival of smart contracts is projected for the end of August or the beginning of September.

This was indicated by the IOHK team in a series of messages published through its official account of Twitter, where he informed the followers about the launch of this new phase of Alonzo, qualifying said event as an important precedent for the deployment of smart contracts in the network of Cardano.

Previously, the test network had reached the Blue and White phases, where a limited number of users could begin to operate some benefits of smart contracts in a closed way. Now in the Purple phase, the tests are open to all interested parties, for which they must be part of the program Plutus released by IOHK.

In this regard, the main developer of Cardano and CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, also made a transmission through his official accounts, sharing the news with his followers and indicating the next steps to follow, given that there are still a couple of phases ( Red and Black) before the Mainnet deployment takes place.

Alonzo and the Goguen era

As mentioned in previous issues, the news about Alonzo comes at a time of great excitement regarding the arrival of “The Age of Goguen”, phase for Cardano in which support for smart contracts will be deployed, allowing the network to support a greater number of use cases.

Facing the arrival of the It was from Goguen, The team of IOHK has been bringing a series of products and services precisely to lay the foundations for smart contracts on the network. Some of these are languages Plutus Y Marlowe, and recently a decentralized apps connector for the wallet Yoroi.

With a view to this launch, companies and projects are already preparing to start operating on Cardano once smart contracts arrive. One of them is a project DeFi called Cardax, which has already raised USD $ 1.5 million and plans to launch it in September of this year.

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Source: Twitter, U. Today

Version by Angel Di Matteo / DailyBitcoin

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